My.ZSK Plant Information Management System

MY.ZSK - new Plant Information Management System by ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH

What are the requirements for My.ZSK?

Ikon zu den Datenerfassungsmöglichkeiten von My.ZSK

A location with …

  1. Internet connection or modem,
  2. one or more ZSK embroidery machines with T8 ( respectively T8/2 controller and the up to date software version.
Ikon zu den Datenerfassungsmöglichkeiten von My.ZSK

The My.ZSK starter pack (first installation) with …

  1. the special My.ZSK hardware router,
  2. once-only installation of the My.ZSK software for processing the data online,
  3. access to the personal My.ZSK online area.
Ikon zu den Datenerfassungsmöglichkeiten von My.ZSK

A local network. You may need …

  1. one or more “switches “ in order to connect the ZSK embroidery machines with the My.ZSK hardware router,
  2. one patch cable for every ZSK embroidery machine in order to connect it with a switch,
  3. one patch cable each for connection between the switch and the ZSK hardware router,Internet-Modem.
Ikon zu den Datenerfassungsmöglichkeiten von My.ZSK

At several locations

  1. In case of several locations an additional My.ZSK hardware router is needed for every location.



My.ZSK is a joint venture product developed by ZSk Stickmaschinen GmbH and ZSK's technology partner Ritter Technologie based in Oberhausen, Germany.

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