Bobbin Changer for Flat System Embroidery Machines

Minimized Downtime - Maximized Profit

Don't waste time on changing bobbins

  • The bobbin changer can be used with any machine type irrespective of head number, embroidery field or head distance.
  • The bobbin changer can take seven full bobbins and always keeps one free spot for taking the empty bobbin out.
  • Safe first stitches – not depending on thread thickness.
  • The bobbin change system has a pneumatic drive. Each device includes the complete pneumatic system with maintenance unit.

The new, already market approved bobbin changer has been developed especially for high speed flat system embroidery machines. It decreases down times of the machines, which previously occurred, when taking out bobbins, thus making possible a 15% increase in productivity.

Bobbin changer for ZSK flat systems machines

The rotation hopper is designed similar to a revolver barrel and takes seven full bobbins, one space is left for the empty reel.  The bobbin change can be carried out simultaneously on all heads. Nonetheless, no more than three bobbins can be changed during operation. Only when changing the entire magazine, the machine will stop. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase a second hopper.

If the order of the bobbins in the magazine is well thought of, the colour of the lower thread can also be changed when changing the bobbin.

  • The ‘revolver’ has a special mechanism and can be replaced without tools.
  • Changing up to 3 bobbins can be done while the machine is running.
  • The bobbin change only takes 15 seconds regardless of the number of heads!
  • Time saving and productivity increase by up to 15%.

Example Calculation for the increased productivity when using the bobbin changer

Machine and its Performance
Machine YCF 4405
Embroidery All Over in pull-through technology
Runs 2 hours
Runs per shift 4 Runs
Shifts 2 Shifts per day
Bobbin changes 8 min with 2 worker
Productivity without bobbin changer:
Downtime per hour 8 Minutes  
Downtime per run 2 x 8 Minutes > 15 Minutes
Downtime per shift 4 x 15 Minutes > 60 Minutes
Downtime per day 2 x 60 Minutes > 2 hours
Production time 14 hours 2 hours downtime!
Productivity 8 laps  
Productivity with bobbin changer:
Downtime for bobbin change None
Time advantage per day 2 hours
Production time 16 hours
Productivity 9 laps