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Together we'll make Your Start-Up or Small Business Big - With Versatile Embroidery Solutions

Embroidery offers a wide range of possible applications and therefore also opportunities for companies of all sizes and in different industries. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an international corporation, we support you in your business idea. Regardless of the size of your business, you receive the highest level of goal-oriented advice.


Start with our Starter Kits for Embroidery

We are at your side, if you want to start your own business or continue to push. In close cooperation, we value markets, opportunities and risks. In addition, we create industry contacts and equip you with attractive startup pacts that enable you to start small and grow quickly.


Are you planning to turn your hobby into a (secondary) profession? Your goal is to refine textiles as a store owner? Would you like to personalize products in your advertising (medium) agency or on events and land lots yourself? By embroidery all this is possible. It gives your articles a higher quality appearance. Monogram technique, leather embroidery, individual embroidery of clothing and animal blankets - many approaches can be implemented quickly with our mobile solutions on site.


In addition, you can use the Smake® eShop to be active on all mobile devices, not only locally but also in digital media.


We are happy to develop new ideas together with you and realize them. Contact us!

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