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ZSK Vision System – The Solution for Different Tolerances

With our ZSK Vision System for single head embroidery machines, you can overcome different tolerances and achieve perfect results. The camera system has been specially developed to meet tolerances of approx. +/- 0.3 mm, as these are unique for each part. Quilting, embroidery and cut, perforation and lamination can be easily combined in one design.


Use with Single Head Embroidery Machines

Our ZSK Vision System can be installed on our single head embroidery machines. Single head machines are the only way to overcome different tolerances. Our servo-controlled CNC machines can be programmed with the CAD system epcwin. This loads DXF files and creates both the sewing file and the zepl file to control the camera system.


Data Adaptation in Real Time

By using our ZSK Vision System, you can also compensate for tolerances resulting from previous processes, shrinkage during the embroidery  process or linear expansion. It checks the actual position of i.e. the perforation holes during the embroidery process and can adjust the embroidery data in real time.

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