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E-Textiles – Traditional Fabrics with Functions

E-textiles, or the ability to embed electronics and their electrical properties into fabrics, allow for a new class of self-aware materials. They offer you the opportunity to confer functions upon traditional fabrics. These materials can have internal sensing capabilities as well as the ability to adapt themselves to various changing environments. In this way, they open doors to data collection that was not previously economic or even possible.


Technical embroidery offers a host of methods to create new e-textiles and to push the entire field forward. Due to embroidery’s high maneuverability, quick adaptability to new designs, and established scalability, embroidered systems are increasingly being sought after. The aim: to create prototypes and solutions for this ever-growing e-textiles market.


Conductive Connections

Technical embroidery can allow traditional circuit boards to be mechanically mounted to fabrics, while automatically creating conductive textile connections them. Aspects of traditional circuit board design such as creating conductive traces can also be incorporated using technical embroidery.


Electrical components have an ever-decreasing size. This opens a greater scope of design, e.g. mounting components to embroidered sequins. Moreover, sensors can be integrated exactly where they are needed in an automated process.



Ein Artikel von Melanie Hoerr, Manager Technical Embroidery Applications, ZSK STICKMASCHINEN für / Ausgabe Nr. 3/4-2021


Fachartikel von Melanie Hoerr, Manager Technical Embroidery Applications, ZSK STICKMASCHINEN

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von TEXTILPLUS -

Sticken ermöglicht neben dekorativen Applikationen auch die Integration von Funktionen in Textilien.
Hierzu werden leitfähige Garne oder Drähte auf das Textil appliziert und mit Elektronikbauteilen kontaktiert. So können komplette elektrische Schaltungen auf das Textil aufgestickt und mit textilen
Bedienelementen gesteuert werden. Die Kombination aus Sticktechnologie und entsprechender Stickmaschine ermöglicht eine maschinelle Produktion von E-Textiles.


Download des Artikels - PDF / ca. 600kb

E-Textiles - Integration von Elektronik in Textilien durch Stickerei

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