Stickmaschinen von ZSK

From Entry-Level Models to High-Tech Developments - Our Embroidery Machine Portfolio

The field of application of our embroidery machines ranges from small single head machines in the entry area to machines with 56 heads for continuous designs on endless fabrics, volume production with options for sequins, cords, ribbons and more recently also beads, to technical embroidery machines, to laying and fixing carbon-/glass fibers, aramids, wires, conductive yarns, LEDs, sensors and even integrated circuits.


Our satisfied customers include small start-ups, medium-sized companies in almost every size up to international corporations. from the branches of fashion, sports, home decoration, furniture, electronics, technology, medicine, automotive and aerospace.


Which machine may we support you with?

SPRINT Stickmaschine


The all-rounder with one embroidery head of up to 18 needles, the thinnest tubular of industrial embroidery and the options servo actuater as well as larger embroidery field.


RACER - Freiarm-Stickmaschine von ZSK


With the RACER we have set the world standard for tubular embroidery machines. From 1 to 8 heads with up to 24 needles per head, the RACER is also suitable for quantity orders and on request with a larger embroidery field for "big things"


Challenger Flachbettstickmaschine


The new premier class of our flat bed embroidery machines is the ideal means of production for rational production in border frame or single frame. The program ranges from 10 to 15 heads with 9 or 12 needles.


Flachbettstickmaschine der S, M, L, X, Y, Z Serie

S-, M-, L-, X-, Y-, Z-Series

Designed for efficient production in border frames or single frames, the program of our high-performance flatbed embroidery machines ranges from the small S model with one embroidery head to the huge 56 head machine with typical schiffli rapport.


Chenille Maschinen von ZSK

Chenille Machines

These K-head machines are designed for high quality and productivity in moss- and kettle-stitch embroidery. The head is a special design embroidery head with only one needle. 


Kordel- & Bändchen-Maschinen von ZSK

Cord & Ribbon Machines

The special machines with W-head are designed for very individual ribbon and cord embroidery. The W-head allows the application of countless fancy yarns, ribbons, cords and chains.


Stickmaschinen für technische Stickerei von ZSK

Technical Embroidery

With a lot of know-how and many years of experience in textile machine construction, we have transferred the wide possibilities of our embroidery machines into industrial applications and developed technical embroidery systems.


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