Flat System Embroidery Machines

ZSK flat system embroidery machines are known for the hallmark of excellence MADE IN GERMANY and unique efficiency.

ZSK multi-head embroidery machines are known for highest standard of technology, extreme precision, flexibility and long life time. The flat system machines can be used for clothing textiles, saris, wedding textiles, bed cloth, table cloth, decoration textile, lingerie, curtains, panneuax, furniture textiles, logos, flags and many more applications.

A ZSK multi-head flat system embroidery machineA ZSK multi-head flat system embroidery machine

The ZSK modular construction system supports machines with 1-56 heads. The multi-head embroidery machines have up to 12 needles and colors and an embroidery field of 500mm up to 1.500mm.

Most models serially have the unique head selection. This brings you and your machine in a new league of possibilities in the embroidery world. The head selection allows almost all dimensions and color combinations. In combination with a large embroidery field and a high speed this gives enormous productivity and allows infinite creativity.


ZSK flat system embroidery machine can optionally be extended through ZSK devices.

Possible devices:

The pull through technology gives you the chance to produce infinite lengths of textile with incredibly good changeovers.

Ease of use

Abbildung: Terminal T8 zur Steuerung von ZSK Flachbett StickmaschinenZSK embroider machines are controlled through electronics of the newest technology. The terminal can process data via USB, floppy disk or network.

The control of the machine is done through the terminal T8 with enormous ease of use and comfortable operation. The basis for the control terminal is Windows CE.

The terminal is a high end, very innovative product with a large 8,4” TFT screen with very high resolution.