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Industry magazine on the subject: Plagiarism Protection

The online version of the german industry magazine „Maschinenmarkt“ reports in the article „ZSK Stickmaschinen offers security against piracy“ about the successful ways of ZSK Stickmaschinen to protect the embroidery motifs of its clients.

Everybody, who has encountered the mountains of cheap, fake replicas of well-known products on markets abroad, knows that the design theft and especially the plagiarism of established logos is a blooming business.

The damage arising out of product piracy amounts to approximately 660 billion Euros. (Study on plagiarism protection, scope of action for the manufacturing industry against product piracy, 2007.)

ZSk Stickmaschinen together with others has developed a system in order to protect and control the embroidery data of its clients.

In the field of embroidery machine construction ZSK is the first and so far only company which has recognized the need for protection of the products created on its machines and it can offer the highest level of security to its clients.

You can find the article here (in german):

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