News: Mighty Hoop® - it's magnetic!


Mighty Hoop® - look, it’s magnetic!

ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH proudly announces the distribution of Mighty Hoop® and the HoopMaster® embroidery hooping aid.

The famous magnetic embroidery hoops support ZSK’s effort to enhance the organizational efficiency when working with ZSK embroidery machines.

The Mighty Hoop® makes hooping very easy. It reduces the time-consuming work of adjusting the outer ring of a hoop to zero through magnetic force. Additionally it adjusts the hoop to the individual thickness of the garment automatically.

No strong pressure is needed to apply even thick garments because of the strong magnetic pull.

Mighty Hoop® is designed to work with the HoopMaster® system, the simple embroidery hooping aid. The HoopMaster® makes hooping easier, faster and more consistent. Even new staff will be hooping quickly and accurately. The productivity and profitability will increase as well as the quality improves.

Have a look at YouTube and see more benefits of this great tool.

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