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Company building of Maugin SAS at Cholet, France

Review privat Show at Maugin SAS in Cholet/ France

During the 3 days home exhibition we had visitors from the western region of France. Every day many of them find their way at the Showrooms from Maugin SAS in Cholet. All of them received detailed information’s about our ZSK embroidery machines and our digitizing software. They showed big interest in the one-head SPRINT machine and the four-head  JAFA 0412.

ZSK embroidery machines at the trade show of Maugin SAS, Cholet / Frankreich.

The effort has success

Already on the first day, SPRINT machines have been sold. Negotiations for a  JAFA 0412 and  a JAFA 0612  are going on.

This 3 days seminar brought good results and we are expecting for the near future more sales in this region.

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