News: Review TecStyle Visions 2012


We would like to thank all our visitors who came to Stuttgart in order to experience our trade fair appearance at TecStyle Visions 2012.

Again, the active communication with our colleagues, the discussions with customers and the meetings with prospects from throughout the world offered an important opportunity to cultivate and intensify our contacts. We are more than satisfied with the positive feedback of the market regarding the exhibited products. We also express our profound thank you to all our dedicated employees who have a substantially made this event a real success.

ZSK at TecStyle Visions 2012

Our exhibited highlights as follows: 

Sprint 5
for tubular, flat system and cap operation

New: the border frame with internal dimension of 460x310mm. This machine was fitted via network PC into monogramming operation, also used as production machine for the shop system. 

Sprint 5 XL
with border frame of 1.200x280mm embroidery field.

This machine is also applicable for tubular and cap operation and it was the first machine to be shown with the new T8-2 control unit.

The essential differences in comparison to the previous T8 unit are as follows:

  • 1.6 time higher operating speed
  • Quad  RAM store (128MB)
  • 8-fold Flash-store (256MB)
  • 3 USB 2.0 interfaces (until now 2x USB 1.0)
  • Without  3.5“ floppy drive
  • LED Display with higher contrast  600:1 (until now 350:1)
  • Viewing angle  80 degrees (until now  60 degrees)
  • New, robust fixing brackets directly on the frame.

 JAFA 0112-495-500

This classical one-head embroidery machine with large embroidery field was shown in tubular operation with a very modern design „hands and feet“ from Bonnie Nielsen on T-Shirt.

Design Bonnie Nielsen - Impressive embroidery made on ZSK embroidery machines

JAFA 0412-400-500

To propose new applications, a tablecloth the size of 1.600x500mm was embroidered in order to demonstrate the possibilities of the automatic head selection. Together with the customers new ideas came up to e. g. efficiently produce name tags with different names in different quantities with this technique using the automatic head selection.

 JAFA 0612-400-500

Tthis machine was equipped with respectively 2 twin sequin aggregates per head. Thus altogether 4 different sizes and colours of sequins could be applied per head. The impressive design „Eagle with sequin“ from was a real head turner. 

Of course, the ZSK software packages BasePac 7 and EPCwin, version 4.10, were equally presented successfully on a special work place with 40“ monitor. All presentations were completely booked out.  

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