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Easier and safer processes using barcodes

ZSK is now offering a simplified process of loading designs into the embroidery machine by using barcodes.

In most companies it is usual that designs are loaded via floppy disk or USB. The process includes firstly finding the right design on a hard drive of a computer then saving it on a medium e.g. USB or floppy disk and transporting it to the embroidery machine. Finally the design can be loaded and the embroidery can start.

This process is time consuming and allows the operator to do a number of mistakes.

Using barcodes this process can be simplified

In future you will digitize your designs on your PC and save them in the ZSK Code in your network or on a computer that is directly networked with the embroidery machine.

When printing the design on paper, you can now also print a Barcode. This function is included in the option “Print & Statistics”. The print out can then be added to the textile. Once the textile is ready to be embroidered, the operator only needs to scan the barcode and the design is loaded into your embroidery machine.

Of course designs can be adjusted and changed at any time. If the design is saved as the same file before the design is loaded into the machine, the operator will always load the most recent version of the design when scanning the barcode.

Using the barcode option and making sure that the right design goes with the right product and loading designs via network and barcode scanner simplifies your internal processes, increases efficiency, saves time and reduces the risk of errors.


To make use of the barcode option, you require one of the following software packages

  • BasePac 8.0 including option "Print & Statistics"
  • EPCwin 5.0 including option "Print & Statistics"


See the barcode scanner in a video at our YouTube channel at:

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