News: Simplified positioning


Simplified positioning of designs using a laser pointer

ZSK has developed for all its tubular embroidery machines a laser pointer that allows more precise positioning of designs. It enhances the function of lowering the needle. This laser can also be retrofitted on many of the older ZSK models.

When positioning the design on the textile, the operator would lower the needle and trace the contours. When not being careful the operator could possibly run the presser foot into the frame and damage the embroidery machine. Using the laser pointer, this risk is gone.

Using the laser pointer on your tubular embroidery machine you can ensure improved positioning and a reduced potential risk of damaging the equipment.

Using the cross hair of the laser pointer supports your operator when positioning the product vertically and horizontally. This is important when a design should be parallel to a certain part of the textile e.g. when embroidering a name on a shirt pocket.

The laser pointer will be a standard feature in all SPRINT 5 embroidery machines in Europe. In all multihead tubular embroidery machines it can be ordered as an option. (Option is available from Q4 2013 onwards)

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