Sprint 6 - Creativity without Limits

Single-Head All Purpose Embroidery Machine

SPRINT 6 and SPRINT XL are the latest models of our popular single-head embroidery machines series SPRINT. These machines offer all functionalities like tubular- or cap mode, flat- or border frame mode.

The SPRINT of the new generation are equipped with the slimmest tubular arm available for the embroidery industry. The new developed tubular arm enables embroidery at a minimum of neccessary space.

Grafik der neuen Einkopf-Stickmaschine der ZSK, der SPRINT 6


With a usable embroidery field of maximal 460 x 310 mm, the SPRINT 6 model offers the perfect dimensions for individual embroideries of private end customers, personalized embroidery orders of the advertising industry, and creative embroidery designs for fashion. 


SPRINT XL is the perfect choice for working extra large articles like flags or bathing towels. An embroidery field of maximum 1200 x 280 mm offers the necessary room for such „big“ jobs.

Creative Variety

The machines of the sprint series have at command multiple application and expansion capabilities for all standards and fields of use. 

Your customers make further demands on your range of services in addition to  the usual tasks like name tags and company logos? You develop new embroidery ideas to enlarge your product range and to solidify your business success?

Our embroidery machines of the SPRINT series  provide besides prime embroidery quality many additional devices and frames which assist you working up and realizing your creative potential as well as to make sure that your customers requirements lead to success for your business.

The New Quick Change System  (optional)

The newly designed quick change system simplifies changing smoothly and quickly between the different devices and frames of your SPRINT. Thus, the general workflow is expedited, set-up times are shortened and work time is used more efficiently.  


Solid construction and highest quality of material built together with comparably low weight are optimal prerequisites to employ the SPRINT not only stationary in shops or studios, but also on fairs, markets, or sports and marketing events.


The SPRINT 6 as well as the SPRINT XL can be operated either as soloist or as team player. This is possible by the latest control unit of the T-series with  up to date ports and net work options.

The easy-learn control unit offers extensive opportunities to adjust and monitor the machine and the embroidery process.

Developments like the employment of barcodes for loading the proper embroidery design via network to the respective order promote an optimum order processing.


  • 1,200 stitches per min
  • Networking
  • Low noise & light weight
  • Automatic error analysis
  • Contour tracing
  • Adjustable presser foot
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Integrated design editor
  • Accepts all industry embroidery codes
  • Windows – based networking
  • Automatic reverse embroidering function
  • 80 million stitch memory
  • Built to withstand 24/7 operation
  • Exceptional resale value


  • Cap Frame
  • Boot Frame
  • Cylinder Frame
  • Cording Device
  • Boring Device
  • High Speed Sequin Device
  • Stencil Frame
  • Pocket Frame
  • Trousers Frame
  • Magnetic Clamping Frame

Intelligent embroidery software (optional)