Technical Embroidery

Image of an embroidery head creating technical embroidery.

Take Advantage of our innovative inspiration for your technical applications

The ideas you've had to enhancing your textiles- such as weaving, knitting and braiding – may not have been possible in the past, but with our versatile embroidery technology they could become a reality.

Because we at ZSK have been doing it for decades – providing technically advanced solutions for innovative projects. And we've been able to do so for two reasons: for one, ZSK has a wide range of machines with specially developed application heads. For another, ZSK always uses technical know how to find intelligent, adaptations that not only solve individual problems but that often result in advancements in quality and productivity.

Prepared for a high future in technical embroidery

ZSK's success relies on the high level of innovation and the knowhow of its products. To create a high quality technical textile requires cutting edge technology, machine precision, cost effective production and on going product and process innovation. All these elements result in a lowering of production time and cost and thus a shorter delivery time and higher product quality. Ultimately this means savings on overhead expenses and a competitive advantage for the client.

High productivity through additional features

Additional features, like pneumatic clamping; reel to reel units; automatic cutting systems or the automatic bobbin changer, make it a highly automated and productive system. Working directly from industrial – size spools is efficient and without rewinding to smaller reels highly material protecting.

The steady continuous feed of material by the sturdy spools ensures clean and tension free processing. Two materials can be fed in simultaneously, allowing cables or rovings, as the case may be, to be combined in one application. Naked antenna wires and isolated feed wires were combined to make up the RFID components in this way.

Your ZSK contact to technical embroidery

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ZSK Stickmaschinen
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The preform - an excellent example of ZSK´s innovative capacity

A radically new technology to built up reinforcement fabric is the free orientation, placing and fixing of reinforcement materials through an embroidery machine.

A radically new technology to built up reinforcement fabric is the free orientation, placing and fixing of reinforcement materials through an embroidery machine.

It can be used in applications where the production of components or textile structures requires the stitching of variable geometry ply stacks, where fabrics need to be reinforced locally, or where fabrics must be assembled.

Various materials like carbon-, glass- and aramid gibers, wires etc. can be processed. Single layed rovings are fixed to the base material by stitching. During the process, the base material is moved by the pantograph, enabling to lay rovings in any direction and quantity.

Cutting edge advances

Another major advantage of this new process is to be able to lay the rovings according to the distribution of forces within a structural component. 100% reproducibility speaks for itself and is accomplished by the following:

  • Automatic perform production
  • Low mass tolerance
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Ever identical laying roving

This cost effective process is driven by high stitching speed on one hand and multiple working units on each machine. In comparison to other textile technologies the expensive loss of materials is kept to a minimum. Accordingly the problem of waste disposal is very little.

Standard industrial production

Various industries are already using ZSK in series production to apply the following:

  • Electrical cables
  • Reabsorbing threads
  • Metal yarns
  • Aramid
  • Carbon and fiberglass rovings
  • Tubes
  • Optical fibers
  • RFID antenna
  • Medical material

ZSK has also successfully completed projects for the airline industry.