ZSK Stickmaschinen honoured as innovation leader

Press Release by ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH

Krefeld - For the 24th time, TOP 100 awarded the most innovative companies of the German middle class. ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH is recognised as one of the outstanding innovation leaders of the year 2017. The embroidery machines manufacturer located at Krefeld at the Lower Rhine was proofed by an scientifically supported and independent selection process analysing innovation management and innovation success. Ranga Yogeshwar, physicist, well-known radio and television presenter in Germany and TOP 100 project's mentor honoured ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH last Friday at a festive event at the city of Essen, Germany.


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The versatile portfolio of embroidery systems reflects the challenges that the textile machine manufacturer from Germany with a worldwide sales and service network has successfully met in the global competition. Embroidery machines for classic textile refinement and individualization are designed and build as well as high-tech embroidery systems for fiber materials such as carbon and electrically conductive wire with a thickness of a human hair. Products and developments processed on ZSK embroidery machines are present at fashion catwalks as well as in wind engines for the green power production, sports and medical technology or the automotive and aerospace industries.

ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH impressed at the TOP 100 competition with its innovation processes and especially in the category „Outdoor Orientation / Open Innovation".
The Cooperation with universities, product developers and a constant interaction with customers support the company’s processes to identify innovative opportunities and to open up new technology areas for their embroidery systems and embroidery solutions. "ZSK’s innovative developments and solutions enable our customers to open up new fields of business in their fields of competence and ultimately support them in their competitiveness!" says ZSK Managing Director Julius Sobizack, "The success of our customers enable the brand ZSK Stickmaschinen to be a serious player in the global market!"

Award of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH by Ranga Yogeshwar
Award of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH by Ranga Yogeshwar

ZSK meets the challenges of digitization – think of the catch phrase “Industry 4.0” - with a business model innovation. Top innovator ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, which was launched in 1984 as a buy out of the insolvency mass of the machine factory Carl ZANGS AG, transform itself from a classical equipment manufacturer to a process provider with self-developed software solutions, e-commerce and workflow systems for sales logistics and virtual storage of production data.

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