My.ZSK Plant Information Management System

MY.ZSK - new Plant Information Management System by ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH

What is My.ZSK?

My.ZSK is a system for registration, administration and visualization of the operating data of ZSK embroidery machines.

The newly developed My.ZSK enables the operator of ZSK embroidery machines to check and analyze via the Internet anywhere and anytime the performance of the machines which have been registered in the system.

Overview: All ZSK embroidery machines registered at My.ZSK. My.ZSK : See the performance of a specific ZSK embroidery machine in a specific period. My.ZSK: Compare the stitch performance of two machines inb a specific period

Quick Data Overview

My.ZSK offers a quick and transparent overview of the most important performance data of the ZSK embroidery machines of a company. Via the logical presentation of the data My.ZSK makes it easier for the responsible persons to do planning for the machines and manpower and enhances the performance-linked application and the utilization of the means of production.

Up-to-date visualization of data

My.ZSK gathers and visualizes data always up to date.  Possible irregularities and sources of errors can be recognized quickly at early stages and can be repaired on time.  Production failures and down times can be avoided this way and the productivity increases.

My.ZSK supports planning possibilities

My.ZSK automates the registration and presentation of operating data of the ZSK embroidery machines of a company. By doing so, My.ZSK enhances the statistic al work of the company and deepens the knowledge of the up do date status of the means of production. This knowledge strengthens the ability of the company to plan and act responsibly. 


My.ZSK is a joint venture product developed by ZSk Stickmaschinen GmbH and ZSK's technology partner Ritter Technologie based in Oberhausen, Germany.

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