JGVA 0109 - Triple Embroidery Head System for Technical Applications

JGVA 0109 - Triple Embroidery Head System for Technical Applications

The embroidery technologies developed by ZSK TECHNICAL EMBROIDERY SYSTEMS, a division of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN enable a wide scope of products, applications, and methodical procedures to be implemented for specific design goals and constraints.


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Introduction JGVA 0109

The JGVA is designed as a highly capable and integrated Smart Textiles and Composites development center.

This advanced model can create anything any ZSK embroidery machine can do. It was designed with robustness in mind to help makers and creators flush out their design, as well as do small batch manufacturing for timing studies.


This machine is a powerful platform to stitch circuit boards, embroider wires, place sequins, create soft bioelectric sensors, and create composite parts.

The JGVA  0109 -500 (700)

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--------------------------------------------------------------- Standard Embroidery Head F Special Embroidery Head K Special Embroidery Head W Additional thread tension of "Thick Thread Option" Light barrier on top T8-2 Machine Control Unit Twin active supply unit for wire/fibre Programmable auto-Select bobbin changer

Our Offer

ZSK Embroidery Technology - The Embroidery Heads

ZSK's standard embroidery head F

The F-Head

The F-head is the most commonly used embroidery technology, often referred to as standard embroidery.


By using this standard technology with a satin- or running stitch with conductive threads, many applications for wearables, e-textiles and smart textiles are possible.


The F-head of the JGVA offers 9 needles or space for 9 different yarns.

K-head: ZSK embroidery technology for moss embroidery

The K-Head

The K-head creates moss embroidery. This single thread system creates loops at the surface of the carrier material. Voluminous surfaces will be generated by the compact placement of the stitches.


An actuator system with four separate single motor units supports the customization of parameters like the height of the loops, the presser foot or the inclined position to satisfy required needs.


Moss embroidery associated with electro conductive yarn is the ideal combination for products from the fields of smart textiles, wearables and medical textiles. 

ZSK's W-head offers a laying technology for wires, fibers and tubes

The W-Head

The W-head allows the laying of fibers, wires, and tubes onto a textile or a flexible carrier material.


Embroidery technologies like the tailored wire placement, tailored fiber placement (TFP), and tailored tube placement can be realized with this technical head.


Offer for JGVA 0109-550 Triple Head Technical Embroidery System

Offer - Summary and Contact
An overview to the offer of the JGVA 0109

The JGVA is a highly capable and integrated smart textiles and composites development center. Download a summary of the offer.


Download offer JGVA 0109 as PDF

ZSK Whitepaper - A Guide to Technical Embroidery

A Guide to Technical Embroidery

A paper written by Dr. Topher Anderson to support finding the right additive textile manufacturing equipment for your business needs


Download the whitepaper as PDF

ZSK Technical Embroidery Magazine


The magazine is a collection of articles on the subject of technical embroidery that have previously appeared in the ZSK customer magazine "CARL".


Download the magazine as PDF

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