In the Basic chapter you learn the necessary basics for example open, create, and export a file, the different zoom function. You can find the quiz here.

Open, create and save a file

In this video you will learn how to save your embroidery projects and how to export those for the embroidery machine. Learn the differences between a .basepac file (project file, that you save for future adjustments) and embroidery files (.z00, .dst and more) that are exported from BasePac for your embroidery machine.


Get to know the basic interface of BasePac. The user interface can be divided into 8 areas.
Have your workbook ready (page 4) for this video to take notes to get the most out of this chapter!
You can download the workbook here.



First steps in BasePac made easy – start to understand the different zoom functions in BasePac 10 to jump right into an efficient workflow and to find your way around easily!


  Here you finde the quiz for this chapter.


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