Roll2Basket – Embroidery Solution for Semi- and Fully-Automatic Embroidery Production on Textile Rolls

We developed our Belt Tape Device for you: Roll2Basket allows embroidery on belts and tapes from 10 mm to 150 mm. Depending on your wishes, you can execute the embroidery in one or more colours. Beside pure embroidery on those products, the device also enables you to fix cords or wires by using the EP1.2 – in this case the embroidery field becomes smaller.


You can retrofit all embroidery machines of the SPRINT and RACER series, which have the options tubular and border frame, with the Roll2Basket system. It can be operated on several heads at the same time. The device is fixed on the tubular arms. At the front of the machine, the pull through unit is located on the table plate. The device requires compressed air and has to be connected to a compressor.


Optional Accessory

Optical Sensor

The optional optical sensor for the Roll2Basket detects specific markings on the carrier tape. Thus, the passage unit and the clamping frame are controlled so that an accurate positioning of the embroidery area in the embroidery field depth (Y-axis) takes place. Possible applications arise e.g. for tapes that specify a defined embroidery field or embroidery design through textile printing or interweaving and thus need to be precisely embroidered.


Automatic Roll-up Unit

In the basic version of the Roll2Basket, the embroidered strip material is collected in a collection container (Basket). The new optional automatic reel unit supports industrial processing, where roll goods are usually required. Rolls of up to 400 mm in diameter offer plenty of space for the finished embroidered ribbons, even with a maximum material thickness of 5 mm.


Optional Extensions F-Head

You can combine several extensions for our ZSK F embroidery head with the Roll2Basket system.

Using these components leads to additional effects and increases the number of possible products:

  • ZSK sequin units
  • Drill
  • Drawstring Loops
  • EP1.2 Cording Device
Roll2Basket – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Features of the Roll2Basket 

  • Embroidery device for the fully-automatic embroidery of textile ribbons
  • Can be retrofitted on our embroidery machines of the SPRINT and RACER series with table top

  • Automatic clamping and clamping device

  • Automatic positioning of the embroidery area in Y-axis by optical sensor (optional)
End product pick-up in container (Basket, standard) or by automatic reel unit (optional).
Roll2Basket – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Roll2Basket Suits Products like these:

  • Textile control tapes
  • Name tags
  • Care labels
  • Brand labels
  • Semi-finished products for the clothing industry
  • Borders
  • Individualized leather bands

Technical Specification

Material/Embroidery Field


Material width (min/max) 10 mm to 150 mm
Material thickness (min/max) 0,2 mm to 5,0 mm
Embroidery field (width x depth) 150mm x 200 mm


Embroidery Speed


Speed 900 min-1


Up Reel


Diameter roll max. 400 mm

Combination with our embroidery machines

The system Roll2Basket can be combined with our embroidery machines with tabletop series SPRINT and RACER.
We are happy to help. Contact us.

Video - Instructions for installing and operating ROLL2BASKET

Installation of ROLL2BASKET 

See a step-by-step instruction how easy it is to install the ZSK ROLL2BASKET device on your ZSK embroidery machine.


The device is consisting of several components, such as pneumatic embroidery hoop, tape control device and air preparation device. The video is explaining the assembly.


Operating the ROLL2BASKET Device

A video guide to get started quickly with ROLL2BASKET. For example, we show how the belt is moved correctly through the frame, how to prevent the belt from slipping sideways and the important machine settings in the T8 control.



Embroidery file (.z00) for testing ROLL2BASKET

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