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Software Solutions - Make the Most of Your Machine's Potential

Powerful hardware requires powerful software to realize its full potential. Software enables communication between man and machine in the first place. It also serves to make processes efficient, to open up new business areas, to recognize changes in the market and to react flexibly.


At ZSK, we not only develop and produce high-quality embroidery and embroidery machines, but also engage in various software areas to make your job easier. With our solutions you open up new possibilities, streamline your processes and sustainably increase the quality of your results.

Let yourself be inspired by the new possibilities of the software solutions.

Softwarelösung ZSK Stickmaschinen Base Pack


Studio software of the latest generation for industrial embroidery

The BasePac is a collaborative development of stitch experts from ZSK, software architects and developers of GIS ...

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EPCwin | Softwarelösungen ZSK Stickmaschinen




The software for professional punches

Creating embroidery pattern data for the various embroidery processes is still one of the biggest challenges for professional embroidery ...


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My.ZSK Softwarelösung ZSK Stickmaschinen



Your cockpit in the field of embroidery processing

My.ZSK is the tool for collecting, archiving, processing and visualizing all relevant stick-related data in your company ...


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Softwarelösung Smake ZSK Stickmaschinen



Does not stop there long what other online platform promise

No matter if you want to run an online shop for individually finished textiles, but do not want to produce yourself ...


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