My.ZSK Stickmaschinen

My.ZSK 4.0 - Your Cockpit in the Field of Embroidery Processing


My.ZSK is the tool for collecting, archiving, processing and visualizing all relevant stick-related data in your company. This and many other possibilities keeps the My.ZSK software in your current and completely revised version 4.0 for your success:



Status dashboard over all machines


Progress display of orders


Productivity and utilization per machine


Analysis of yarn breaks by design, machine, head and needle


Design evaluations


Operator and daily summaries


Layer and location comparisons


Sensor and RFID data per machine


Alerting on custom events, etc. by mail


Software for More Efficiency

With My.ZSK you get the transparency that enables you to organize your production, to optimize the utilization and thus to sustainably increase the efficiency of your company.


Not only current but also historical data can be evaluated in order to create comparisons, to recognize tendencies and undesirable developments, to analyze them and to counteract them. In addition, various sensors provide information about the environmental conditions under which a job was embroidered. This not only complements the documentation of your order with temperature, humidity and air pressure, but also future sensors that will be integrated into this system. My.ZSK triggers an alarm on the occurrence of individually definable events or the exceeding of limit values.


Secure Data Access Worldwide

All relevant data is collected by your personal Data Collector and the encrypted data is transferred to the My.ZSK Cloud. The available analysis tools can also be accessed via your mobile device from all over the world. Alternatively, we are also offering My.ZSK as an OnPremise solution, where all data is stored in your network and will never leave your environment. Independent of your choice for My.ZSK in the Cloud or OnPremise My.ZSK is using the industrial standard OPCUA-protocol to allow full integration in the “Internet of Things” in the future.

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