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EPCwin - The Software for Professional Digitizing


The creation of embroidery design data for the various embroidery processes still represents one of the greatest challenges for professional embroidery. This is where the unique, modular EPCwin software sets completely new standards in terms of functionality and design possibilities.


Whether for badges, logos, appliqués, designs for haute couture, tablecloths, curtains, allover and etched embroidery - EPCwin has all program stages from designing, drawing, to digitizing and editing.  As a user, you are always perfectly guided and supported in all work steps. This means: fast and efficient work.


EPCwin accepts all common image formats from various sources such as .bmp, jpg or .pdf. Effective functions are available for preparing these templates. For example, scanned partial images can be merged with pinpoint accuracy to form a complete template. Functions specially developed for embroidery drawing allow the targeted creation of contours, regardless of the quality of the image templates. Alternatively, vector files in the formats dxf, wmf, emf and ai can be imported from other drawing programs. Drawing the exact contours of a pattern is the basis for a high quality embroidery design.



Our software solutions are suitable for many different user types


Logos – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Logos and badges

Fashion – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Fashion and haute couture

Heimtexitilien – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Home textiles

Technische Stickerei – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Smart textiles und technical embroidery

Digitizing on the screen from an image


This procedure is especially recommended if the design already has shapes that can be used for embroidery. The design is then traced from a picture directly and the contours are generated when using automatic digitizing programs. This saves a lot of time.

Transfer of existing drawing lines


Existing drawing lines created in EPCwin or other drawing programs can be integrated during digitizing. The user has complete freedom to shorten, lengthen, connect and add to these lines with the EPCwin Editor.

Combination of both processes


In difficult pattern passages, drawing functions with subsequent transfer of these lines can be combined with the use of manual stiches. This simplifies and speeds up your work process.

CAD drawing functions



Fast change between curves and edges


Connect lines collectively


Optimize lines automatically


Division into layers by colour assignment


Creation of geometries with adjustable values


Rotation, compression, stretching and mirroring of drawing or digitizing data


Help functions such as grid, horizontal and vertical lines or comment texts


Freehand curves in different levels of precision


Selection of different automatic drawing tools especially for textile applications


Rapport – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Repeat function

Draw virtually in repeat and create unique designs especially for textile applications. Use the function either in a circle to create elaborate pattern elements or simply spread an element over the entire embroidery field.  The repeat function can also be used with stitch data.



Bibliothek – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Library of drawign and embroidery components

Organize your kits in a separate block directory and access them directly at any programming stage.



Globale Parameterverwaltung – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Global parameter management

The central storage of parameter settings ensures consistent embroidery quality across all workstations and projects. Thanks to the new name assignment, all presettings can be grouped systematically and can be found again quickly.



Musterverwaltung – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Clear design management

EPCwin provides convenient and clear pattern management for both embroidery machine systems. Image, drawing, reference and stitch data are archived for each pattern. In addition to the pictogram directory, the text directory enables you to search and select designs quickly.  



Excellent solutions for team work!



Cross-directory filter function


Setting of working field and design head according to user


Design history for tracing the pattern development with multiple users


Warnings if the desgin is already open elsewhere


Storage of sample versions for better organization of your projects


Input wizard for consistent spelling and use of common tags for fill-in


Unique digitizing automation 


Take advantage of a wide range of unique digitizing automations for easy creation of extraordinary design elements. The program automatically selects the most effective path between the beginning and end of an object via autorouting. The quality can be controlled at any time via precise embroidery parameters. The detailed setting of these parameters means there are no limits to your creativity.


Special programs for beads and sequins


Automatically fill areas or lines with beads or sequins and switch easily between units. Thanks to the interactive display you can position your beads with high precision and have full control over your design.

Combination designs and machine settings for the different head types


You have a combination machine and would like to create designs with different technologies?  EPCwin enables you to switch automatically between K, W and F heads. EPCwin offers an optimum graphical colour display, particularly for complex designs with head and individual needle switching. The machine settings can be changed flexibly during the embroidery process. This also means that once you have worked out the optimum settings for your design on the machine, you can link them directly to the design and store them in EPCwin.


EPCwin and technical embroidery


  • Switching between the various ZSK technologies and design-based machine settings
  • Line splitting with separate parameter settings
  • Statistics: thread and material consumption
  • Storage of complete kits in a separate library. This library can also be stored globally for shared access


More about technical embroidery 

EPCwin for Schiffli

Shuttle embroidery machines

In addition to multi-head embroidery, EPCwin also supports shuttle embroidery. EPCwin offers shuttle design for professional users. A large number of automatic programs for pulling, drilling, and etching grounds result in enormous time savings when drawing.


Schiffli EPCwin

Special design head for shuttle embroidery 

Set up each design to match the individual machine configurations. Also sort your designs by groups, base material, versions and other search terms.

EPCwin for Schiffli

Drawing programs


Create elaborate drawing grids for your embroidery application in seconds. Choose from a large selection of automatic programs and prepare your suhttle programs optimally. New features like a maze automation offers a variety complex design possibilities.

EPCwin for Schiffli – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Import and export of shuttle-embroidery formats


Benefit from a large selection of common shuttle machine formats.  These can be read and translated to flatbed machine systems and output to your shuttle machines.

Learning and Support - ZSK

Learning and support


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