Roll2Roll – The Strap Device 2.0

By use of the Roll2Roll system for our RACER series you are able to fabricate simply and fast rolled products. Our solution allows semi and fully-automatic embroidery production on belts, tapes and other textile rolls. Up to two different materials, i.e. cloth and felt, will be supplied, then embroidered and finally rolled up again at the front of the machine – completely automatically.


When fixing the material that is to be embroidered there are two options:


1. Clamping: The maximum material width is 220 mm, where 170 mm can be embroidered.

2. Guiding: The maximum material width is 190 mm, where 160 mm can be embroidered.


You can also embroider stable cloths with emblems, which could later on be cut to size or punched to size. In combination with our digitizing software the system allows automated production of 1 piece emblems.


Optional Extension


Optical sensor – The optional optical sensor for the Roll2Roll detects specific markings on the carrier tape. Thus, the passage unit and the clamping frame are controlled so that an accurate positioning of the embroidery area in the embroidery field depth (Y-axis) takes place. Possible applications arise e.g. for tapes that specify a defined embroidery field or embroidery design through textile printing or interweaving and thus need to be precisely.

Roll2Roll – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Features of the Roll2Roll System at a Glance

  • Embroidery device for partially or fully automatic embroidery of rolls
  • For our ZSK RACER series embroidery machines

  • Pneumatic clamping and clamping system
  • Automatic pull-through system from roll to roll, from back to front
  • Thrust for up to two materials
  • Automatic bobbin case changer
Automatic positioning of the embroidery area in the X and Y axis
Roll2roll – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Roll2Roll Suits Products like these:

  • Mattress straps
  • Office curtains
  • Borders and ribbons
Emblems and badges

  • Applicators and patches

Combination with our embroidery machines

You can use the Roll2Roll system on these table-top embroidery machines with a 495 mm head spacing from the RACER series:


  • RACER 1W
  • RACER 2W
  • RACER 4W
  • RACER 6W


The Roll2Roll device can not be retrofitted to existing ZSK machines.


We are happy to advise you on the combination with our embroidery machines. Contact us.

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