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ZSK embroidery machines have been built in Germany for decades and are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. For our many customers and small businesses, we offer support for some topics with How-To pages.

Kenn Sie diese hilfreichen Funktionen der T8?

Do you already know this T8 function?

The T8 Control Unit is a powerful, intuitive tool and easy to learn. It supports your work with many helpful functions.


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W-Kopf : Start-/Endsequenz, um Fehler der Z-Achse zu vermeiden

W Head - Start/End sequence

Tips to avoid error of Z axis



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Design Placement

Design Placement

The latest version of the T8 software introduces a feature that supports the operator in placing a design at the designated position


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Kleine Stickerei

Small embroidery

This is because thread companies like AMANN have produced very thin threads. Twelve detailed steps to create...


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Fixing Stiches

Fixing stitches that avoid loops

In the following examples, the red dot indicates the very first stitch, the green dot indicates its running direction. 


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Bar Code Design - ZSK Stickmaschinen

Loading of designs via network bar code 

With the function Loading designs via network using bar code control of the T8 control unit, designs can be loaded into the machine via barcode scanner from a network-shared...


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Sublimation and Embroidery

Since companies offer solutions for dying yarn outside the embroidery machine, we have seen customers wondering about sublimation as a cost-effective alternative. Sublimation is a low cost and well-known technique that can be used not only …


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ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Gesichtsmasken auf Stickmaschinen herstellen

Face Masks

In various articles we show how embroidery machines from ZSK STICKMASCHINEN can be used for the development and production of face masks and other components of respiratory masks.


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