How To - Schutzmasken sticken – ZSK Stickmaschinen

How To – Face Masks

Embroider Face Masks on ZSK Embroidery Machines

The subject of face masks is  very present in all media.

In various articles we show how embroidery machines from ZSK STICKMASCHINEN can be used for the development and production of face masks and other components of respiratory masks.

How To - Möglichkeiten der Herstellung verschiedener Schutzmasken

How to create Face Masks
on ZSK Embroidery Machines

In this post, possibilities for the production of face masks with different embroidery machines are presented. These masks are not intended to replace safe masks ...


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Fight the Coronavirus - 
Face Masks with Embroidery

YouTube Video - This video shows how the team at the ZSK Research and Training Center in Seattle, USA makes face masks on ZSK embroidery machines to fight the corona virus. ...


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Einfache Schutzmasken herstellen

Face Mask - made on a ZSK Embroidery Machine without sewing 

The challenge: make a simple face mask on a ZSK SPRINT 6 embroidery machine. No other tools except a scissor are allowed ...



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Gesichtsmaske aus Vliesstoff mit Bändern

Fight the Coronavirus -
Non-Woven Face Masks with Cords

YouTube Video - This video shows how face masks can be made from nonwoven and tapes for binding on ZSK embroidery machines using the HAC ...


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Gesichtsmasken aus Vlies

Fight the Coronavirus -
Embroider Non-Woven Face Masks 

YouTube Video - This video shows how non-woven face masks can be made on ZSK embroidery machines using the HAC to fight against the spread of the corona virus ...


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