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How To – Embroider Face Masks

Step by step instructions for a face mask with an elastic band

Our face mask should be easy to manufacture on a ZSK embroidery machine with simple means.


Our Parts List 

  • Two layers of a suitable breathable fabric for the mask e.g. a thin cotton fabric, washable or boil-proof.
    A simple test of breathability: hold two layers of fabric in front of your mouth and nose and be able to continue breathing normally.
    Source: City of Essen - Essen Fire Brigade - Jörg Spors (03/24/2020)
  • Elastic band, ribbon or the like. In our example we use two 35 cm long rubber bands
  • Embroidery thread
  • Pipe cleaner, flexible wire or similar to adjust the mask in the nose area. In our example we use a pipe cleaner with a length of 16 cm.
  • An adhesive tape for temporarily attaching the rubber band and pipe cleaner while embroidering.


As a further tool, we only have scissors available.

The mask can be made both in a tubular frame and in a border frame.


Note: If monochrome or white masks are too boring, it is possible to embroider a design or company logo to the fabric of the masks. Depending on the selected outer fabric of the mask, a water-soluble fleece may be required.

The face mask in our example has a size of 22.2 cm x 16.3 cm and it is made with two layers of fabric.

Step 1

In the first step, we prepare a design or logo for embroidering the mask. If you do not want embroidery, you can now proceed to step 2.


For our example, we embroider a layer of fabric

  1. with a cut line and
  2. with a pattern within this border

Depending on the material of the outer fabric of the mask, it is advisable to embroider underneath with a water-soluble fleece.

Then cut out the finished pattern outside the cutting line.


Note: You can find our example and another as
ZSK stitch file (No. 481 and 482) at the download section at the bottom of the page.

Aussenkontur unserer Gesichtsmaske

Step 2

The outer contour with the placement for the rubber band and for the pipe cleaner is embroidered onto the inner layer of fabric of our face mask.

Machine STOPP (stop in pattern programmatically)


Note: Our example shown and another one can be found as a ZSK stitch file (No. 478 or 479, depending on the rubber band) at the download section at the bottom of the page.

Step 3

Now please put the rubber band inside the marking and fix it with the adhesive tape just outside the contour. (See image step 2)

In order to be able to attach the rubber band later, you should let it protrude approx. 14 cm from the rubber band


Example rubber band
Foam rubber round, diameter: 2.5 mm

Step 4

Now our pipe cleaner or wire is used.
Place the pipe cleaner or wire inside the marking and fix it with a strip of adhesive tape.


Please keep an even distance from the rubber bands. In our example we have chosen a distance of 1.5 cm.

Step 5

Attach one end of one of the rubber bands to one end of the mask's under fabric with a few initial stitches.

Machine STOPP (stop in pattern programmatically)


Now stretch the rubber band on the not yet embroidered side by approx. 190%. In our example, the rubber is stretched from 16.3 cm to 31.5 cm.


Hold the stretched rubber band with a finger a little outside of the lower fabric for the mask and fix it there with adhesive tape.
Then embroider the stretched rubber band inside the mask's under fabric.


Now repeat the same for the rubber band on the other side.

Step 6

Now fix the pipe cleaner or wire by embroidery. Please remove the tape during this process.

Machine STOPP (stop in pattern programmatically)

Step 7

Now that all tapes and the pipe cleaner have been attached and the adhesive tapes removed, the outer layer of fabric - possibly with an embroidered design or logo - can be applied.

Now fix the the outer fabric to the inner fabric of our mask by embroidery.

Step 8

Now remove the mask in the last step; the rubber band contracts. Cut out the mask on the satin stitch.


Now knot the elastic bands together and the mask is DONE!


The files of this download are packed in a Zip file.

The Zip file contains 4 embroidery stitch files Z00 and 4 PDF showing the stitch files as a graphic. 

Download here

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