Chenille Maschinen – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Chenille Machines – Innovative Possibilities through Moss and Kettle Embroidery with K-Head

Control and drive concept make our Chenille machine products with innovative power. These K-head machines are designed for sophisticated moss and kettle-embroidery. The head is a special design embroidery head with only one embroidery needle. The drive concept with four individual stepper motors per embroidery head allows individual variation of the main functional elements needle, fabric presser and thread leveler. It is the basis for both high quality and productivity in moss and chain stitch embroidery.


Creative Diversity

With the aid of the control, for the first time a comfortable, fast and reproducible adjustment of the machine to the different influences, such as e.g. embroidery thread, embroidery base and pattern possible. An automatic color changer for up to six colors and height-adjustable moss loops offer further variety in the design.


Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Fine Kettelstich embroidery with our ZSK-K embroidery head

Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Moss embroidery with high loop density with our ZSK-K embroidery head

Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Moss embroidery and Kettel steach framing with our ZSK-K embroidery head

Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Moss / Kettel embroidery with our ZSK-K embroidery head and the sequin device

Combination of Embroidery Styles


Surprisingly New Embroidery Designs

The K-head can be linked to the standard embroidery head and the W-head.  


This combination of embroidery styles within a pattern opens up new possibilities for you to combine both embroidery techniques to surprisingly new embroidery images. All machines of the special series can be additionally provided with a sequin unit. Thus, the already innovative possibilities of special purpose machines expand again.

Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Moss and Kettel embroidery using our ZSK-K head to create the design with exceptional feel

Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen

H-Series: Our ZSK-K embroidery head with a standard embroidery head for multi-colored embroidery combines to create exceptional designs.

Chenille – ZSK Stickmaschinen

The combination of K, W and standard embroidery heads for multi-colored embroidery for almost unlimited possibilities.

Musterbuch K-Kopf: Moos und Kettenstich - Einstellungen und optische Wirkung


Sample Book K-Head: Moss and Chain

Settings and optical effect

Sample book to illustrate the influences of stitch length, needle height, intermediate needle position, presser foot height, presser foot spacing and thread tension for moss and chain stitches with the ZSK K-head.


Download: >> Sample Book K-Head

Principle of the K-head

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