SPRINT - Versatile Single-Head Embroidery Machines

The SPRINT 6 and the SPRINT 6 XL are the most successful models of our popular one-head embroidery machines from the SPRINT series. The machines offer all operating modes such as border frame, cap and tubular.
The SPRINT models have the smallest tubular available for industrial embroidery machines. This newly developed tubular offers greater freedom for embroidery work on previously very difficult or even inaccessible places such very small shirt pockets.


The Sprint 7, Sprint 7 L, and Sprint 7 XL are the flagship SPRINT series models, featuring the latest generation of powerful servomotors, 18 needles, and other enhancements powered by the Sprint 7, Sprint 7L, and Sprint 7 XL even the highest demands in the production area.


We set New Standards

The series is equipped with the thinnest free arm of the embroidery industry. It enables jobs that could not previously be processed, e.g. Shirt pockets or shoes. The machines embroider without "picker" on the front. Your advantage: textiles can no longer get caught in the hook and thus remain undamaged. Rely on quality production with the smallest clearances on the free arm.


The Models of single-head embroidery machines series SPRINT

Sprint 6 – ZSK Stickmaschinen



With the maximum 460 mm x 310 mm usable embroidery field of the SPRINT 6 and 7, the perfect dimensions for individual embroidery and other possibilities with the use of the modes cap and free arm.



Sprint 7 L – ZSK Stickmaschinen



With 460 mm x 310 mm usable embroidery field, hanging drives,  newest servomotors and 18 needles, there are no limits to the creativity to embroider caps, fabrics and suitcases and to use the operating modes cap and free arm.



Sprint 6xl – ZSK Stickmaschinen



The technical characteristics of the SPRINT, extended by the largest embroidery field of all SPRINT machines, leave nothing to be desired in order to implement all ideas in the flat-stick, free-arm and cap modes.



SPRINT 8 – The new Single Head Embroidery Machine of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN



The SPRINT 8 is the latest and probably the most extraordinary model of the popular single-head embroidery machine series SPRINT of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN.

18 needles, new technology and a remarkable design are the hallmarks of this new machine from the SPRINT series!


Particularities of the SPRINT single-head embroidery machines series


Smallest free arm of industrial embroidery


Contouring with lowered needle


Automatic backstitching function


1,200 stitches per minute 


Height adjustable fabric presser


Storage for approx. 80 million stitches


Network capability


Automatic thread cutter


Built and designed for 24/7 production


Low noise and low weight


Integrated design editor


High value retention


Automatic error analysis


Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes


Made in Germany


Options and Accessories

Our free arm knitting machines can be optionally extended by the integration of additional equipment.

Flachstick – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Flat Embroidery 

Flat embroidery with border frame meets the highest demands in all application areas. It offers almost endless possibilities to optimally present your motif.


Kappe – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Cap Frame

The cap extension allows you to efficiently implement your ideas in the cap-embroidery area and thus the production of individual caps in small series.


Schuhe – ZSK Stickmaschinen



Embroidering a sports shoe with a name, favorite team name or favorite player makes it a unique and very personal object.


Schablonenrahmen – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Stencil Frame

With the help of the template frame, name tags can be created efficiently, with ease of handling and with little or no effort with different or even the same names.


Hemdtaschenrahmen – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Shirt Pocket Frame

The embroidery of shirt pockets with personal initials, a company logo or fashionable application individualizes the garment and is an expression of personality or corporate identity.


Hosenrahmen – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Trousers Frame

Refine trousers and add fashionable accents with almost unlimited possibilities, which not only give the garment more expression but also more individuality.


Magnetrahmen– ZSK Stickmaschinen


Magnetic Frame

Magnetic frames in a wide range of sizes can be used to embroider various areas of embroidered objects. The possibilities range from clothing to cuddly toys.


Zylinder – ZSK Stickmaschinen



Use the cylinder frame especially for embroidering round closed parts, e.g. jacket sleeves, socks, gloves, bracelets etc., and to process names, logos or fashion applications


Pailletteneinrichtung – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Sequin Device

With unique precision and an outstanding 1,000 stitches per minute, you not only embroider sequins in a variety of sizes but also rhinestones to the most beautiful designs.

Perleneinrichtung – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Pearl Device

With this latest development, you can now also extend the limits of possibilities with pearl embroidery and increase the appearance of your designs even more.

Kordelstickeinrichtung – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Cording Device

Do not only vary with colors but also give your embroidery designs an exciting look and feel by using different cords in different thicknesses and structures.

Bohrer – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Boring Device

Using a special knife, a small hole is automatically cut, the needle and thread can be enlarged and repackaged as required, thus increasing the value of your embroidery designs.

Creative Diversity


Versatile application and expansion options for all requirements and areas

Your customers have next to the "standard tasks" such as name badges and company logos further requirements for your embroidery offer? Are you developing new ideas for embracing your product offering and securing your business success?


With the embroidery machines of the SPRINT series, in addition to the best embroidery quality, we offer many additional devices and frames that support you in the development and implementation of your creative ideas and make the requests of your customers an economic success for you.

SPRINT – ZSK Stickmaschinen

The New Quick Change SystemThe newly developed quick change system allows you to quickly and easily switch between the various devices and frames of your SPRINT. This speeds up the overall workflow, reduces makeready times and makes better use of working time.

SPRINT – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Freedom of Choice

The solid construction and the highest material quality with comparatively low weight ensure optimal conditions to use the SPRINT not only stationary in the studio or shop, but also mobile at trade fairs, markets or sports and marketing events.

SPRINT – ZSK Stickmaschinen


Both SPRINT, SPRINT L and XL series machines can be used as soloists as well as team players. This is made possible by the current operating unit of the T-series with extensive connections and network options. 

SPRINT 6 – ZSK Stickmaschinen


With the SPRINT 6's maximum 460 mm x 310 mm usable embroidery field, the perfect dimensions for individual embroidery by private end customers, personalized embroidery orders from the advertising industry and creative embroidery designs for the fashion industry are offered.


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SPRINT 6 XL – ZSK Stickmaschinen


For extra-wide embroidery work such as when working on flags or bath towels, the SPRINT XL is the right choice. Its maximum embroidery area of 1200 mm x 280 mm provides the space you need for such big tasks.


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SPRINT 7 – ZSK Stickmaschinen


In 2018, we expanded the SPRINT series with three new models – SPRINT 7, SPRINT 7 L and SPRINT 7 XL. The SPRINT 6 and SPRINT 6 XL continue as 12-needle models. All SPRINT 7 models are equipped with 18 needles and servo drive systems. The SPRINT 7 machines are thus more efficient with longer stitch lengths compared to the SPRINT 6 series.


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Sprint 7L - ZSK Stickmaschinen



The Sprint 7 L combines the robustness of the SPRINT 6 series with the latest in SPRINT 7 series drive technology. Due to the suspended drive, the additionally gained free space can be enclosed around also bulky objects, like e.g. suitcase, to embroider. Of course, in addition to the free-arm embroidery, the operating modes cap and flatbed with an area of 600 x 400 mm are also available.


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Sprint 7XL - ZSK Stickmaschinen


The Sprint 7 XL combines the advantages of all current SPRINT machines with the possibilities of the even larger embroidery field of the Sprint 7 XL. By the above-mounted drives, the space obtained can be used to bulky goods such embroider golf bags. With the embroidery field size of 400 x 1,400 mm, the SPRINT 7 XL is the reference among the SPRINT machines. In view of the wide range of applications and the enormous embroidery field size of 1.400 mm x 400 mm for single-head machines, the SPRINT 7 XL is the top model within the popular SPRINT series.


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SPRINT 8 - The Best got Better!


The SPRINT 8 is the latest and probably the most extraordinary model of the popular single-head embroidery machine series SPRINT of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN.

18 needles, new technology and a remarkable design are the hallmarks of this new machine from the SPRINT series!


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PC Software von ZSK

Intelligent PC Software for Your Sample Data


  • First-class monogram technique
  • BasePac - the modular software
  • EPCwin - the software for professionals



SPRINT – ZSK Stickmaschinen

T8-2 control unit

The interface


  • Intuitive and logical user guidance
  • For networked work
  • Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes
  • 14 user languages ​​to choose from
  • Storage for up to 80,000,000 stitches
  • Supports barcode scanner.

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