SPRINT 7L – the machine with more embroidery field!

The SPRINT 7L has a larger embroidery field than the SPRINT 7. The embroidery field of maximum 600mm x 400mm offers plenty of space for embroidering on jackets, coats, flags or other textiles with room for large format embroidery.

The SPRINT 7L can also embroider caps and T-shirts, hoodies, etc. in a single frame.


The SPRINT 7L has two special features that distinguish this model from the SPRINT 7 and SPRINT 6.



  1. an embroidery field extended to 600 mm and
  2. the  design has been modified so that even particularly wide and bulky objects such as suitcases or golf bags can be clamped in tubular mode without any problems.


SPRINT 7L Operation Mode Tubular

Operation Mode Tubular

SPRINT 7L - Operation Mode Cap

Operation Mode Cap

SPRINT 7L - Operation Mode Border Frame

Operation Mode Border Frame

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN hat den schmalsten Freiarm der Stickbranche entwickelt.

Slim tubular arm

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN has developed the slimmest tubular arm for industrial embroidery machines.  Many areas and products can now be processed easily that were previously difficult or impossible to access for embroidery.

ZSK SPRINT mit 12 Nadeln

18 Needles

18 needles offer space for many different colors and different yarns for creative use. You can also improve your workflow with the placement of yarns with the highest consumption to save setup times.

Die T8 Steuereinheit für alle ZSK Stickmaschinen

T8 - Control Unit

The intuitive and logical T8 control unit offers many useful functions. Use clever options such as rotating or aligning patterns on the machine, the integrated design editor or the tool for quick monograms.

ZSK Stickmaschinen der Serie SPRINT sind in allen Betriebsarten zu Hause.

Flexible for all operation modes

The SPRINT can operate in tubular, cap and flat embroidery modes. Switching between modes is quick and easy. Different equipment variants are available to meet the various operational requirements.

ZSK Stickmaschinen sind robust und langlebig.

Robust industrial machine

ZSK embroidery machines are designed for industrial use. Therefore, best quality components are of highest importance for the durable and reliable operation of ZSK embroidery machines and their outstanding embroidery qualities.

Rahmen für unzählige Anwendungen

Countless applications

For the SPRINT series there are frames for almost any application: single frames for shirts, T-shirts, jackets bags etc., cap frames, special frames for shirt collars, shoes and socks, border frames, magnetic frames etc.

Standard Features

Slim Tubular Arm
ZSK STICKMASCHINEN has developed the slimmest tubular arm for industrial embroidery machines. Many areas and products can now be processed easily and without complications that were previously difficult or impossible to access for embroidery.
Thread Break Detection
With the help of the automatic thread break detection, a ZSK embroidery machine stops automatically if the upper or lower thread breaks or the thread runs out in the bobbin.
Height Adjustable Presser Foot
Adjust the presser foot to the height of the embroidery material in order to achieve better embroidery quality.
Automatic Thread Tensioner
The automatic adjustment of the thread tension ensures a constantly optimized transport of the thread to the needle and thus enables high-quality embroidery.
T8 Control Center
The intuitively and logically structured control and communication center for ZSK embroidery machines. The T8 interface can be displayed and operated in 14 different languages.
The T8 control unit offers integrated memory for approx. 80 million stitches and thus provides space for a large number of your frequently used embroidery designs.
Barcode Reader
With a barcode reader connected to the T8 via USB, barcode patterns can be loaded from a connected network and various control commands can be executed.
A slot for the standard RJ-45 network connector and three USB ports for other devices are available for communication, memory expansion and other functionalities.
The T8 works with Microsoft's network protocols and thus enables simple communication with connected company networks, digital workflow solutions or the ZSK operating data information system MY.ZSK.
Safety Feature Light Barrier
A light barrier installed in front of the working area ensures greater work safety during embroidery. As soon as the operator enters this light barrier, the embroidery process is automatically stopped.
This machine was designed, constructed and manufactured in Germany for the requirements of the embroidery industry.

Safety - Workplace and Workflow

Adapt your plant to operational requirements.

Our machines are already set up to meet high safety standards and comply with legal requirements. We also offer optional equipment that allows you to adapt the safety of your plant to your in-house requirements.


Safety Feature - Light Barriers
A light barrier installed in front of the working area ensures greater work safety during embroidery. As soon as the operator enters this light barrier, the embroidery process is automatically stopped.


Safety Feature - Emergency Stop Switch
The emergency stop can be used to interrupt the power supply and bring the embroidery machine to a standstill in the event of danger or to avert danger.
Safety Feature - Cover for Thread Take-Up Lever
With the thread take-up lever cover closed, 100% prevention of careless or accidental contact and injury with the levers moving rapidly up and down during operation.


Securing Workflow - Status Display
The status display provides a quick overview of the function of the embroidery machine from a distance via a multicolored light signal.

Good to know!

  • 18 Needles allow embroidery with more colours or different yarns
  • SPRINT 7L can be quickly changed over between tubular, cap and border frame operating modes.
  • The slimmest tubular arm in the industry allows embroidery in confined spaces
  • Perfect for small and large companies.
  • Robust embroidery machine for industrial 24/7 use.
  • Automatic backstitch function
  • On average only 160W consumption during operation
  • Built-in universal power supply, 110 V/60 Hz and 220 V/50 Hz
  • Countless embroidery hoops and sizes for all embroidery needs
  • Optional devices for sequins, beads, cords, boring and hot air cutting
  • Coloreel suitable
  • Integrated design editor in the T8 control unit
  • Large internal memory capacity: up to 80 million stitches
  • Handles all common industry codes such as DST, DSB, KSM, DSG, EXP and more ...
  • Optional and retrofittable laser pointer
  • Loading of designs via network
  • LED illumination of embroidery area
  • Reusable environmentally friendly packaging


Border Frame

Border Frame

For applications such as patches. Embroidery field max .:
600 mm x 400 mm

Shoe Frame

Shoe Frame

For customizing shoes, e.g. for workwear or sports.

Sock Frame

Sock Frame

To embroider monograms, logos or other decorations onto socks.

Cap Frame

Cap Frame

For embroidering caps, incl. 3D embroidery. Embroidery field max .: 360 mm x 70 mm

Shirtpocket Frame

Shirt Pocket Frame

Many options, e.g. for embroidering shirt front pockets with names or logos.

Stencil Frame

Stencil Frame

Ideal for embroidering finished fabric labels for e.g. name badges.

Magnetic Belt and Ribbon Frame

Magnetic Belt and Ribbon Frame

I.e. for belts or straps. Embroidery field max .: 
200 mm x 90 mm

Shirt Collar Frame

Shirt Collar Frame

Embroider on shirts while the shirt remains in the package.

Mighty Hoop Magnetische Stickrahmen

Mighty Hoop

Embroider faster with the magnetic frames from the USA.

Snap Frame

Snap Frames

The foldable metal frames are available in many variants.

Smake Jump - Easy Positioning Tool for the embroidery industry

Smake Jump

Accurate and reproducible positioning of designs.

Accessories (Optional)

Optionales Zubehör ZSK SPRINT - Pailletteneinheit

Sequin Device


ZSK STICKMASCHINEN offers various extensions for embroidering sequins.



Optionales Zubehör ZSK SPRINT - Perlenstickeinheit

Bead Device


It is possible to process up to four different beads in one pattern.



Optionales Zubehör ZSK SPRINT - Kordelstickeinheit

Cording Device


A wide variety of cords and creative threads can be embroidered with the EP 1 cord embroidery unit.



Optionales Zubehör ZSK SPRINT - Lochbohrer

Boring Device


The device cuts a small opening into the textile, which is then automatically bordered.



Optionales Zubehör ZSK SPRINT - ROLL2BASKET



With the ROLL2BASKET textile tapes from 10 to 150mm can be embroidered from a roll.



Optionales Zubehör ZSK SPRINT - COLOREEL



The COLOREEL unit dyes a yarn on demand, enabling new effects such as color gradients in the pattern. 




Heads / Needles
No. Heads 1
No. Needles 18
Embroidery Field
Width 600 mm
Depth 400 mm
Cap 70 mm x 360 mm
Border Frame 600 mm x 400 mm
Tubular 300 mm x 400 mm
Embroidery Speed
Cap 1.000 rpm
Border Frame 1.200 rpm
Tubular 1.200 rpm


SPRINT 7L - Dimensions Front View

SPRINT 7L - Front View

Dimensions Maximum Minimum
Width 1.410 mm ( A ) 1.395 mm ( D )
Height 1.645 mm ( C ) 1.540 mm ( F )


SPRINT 7L - Dimensions Side View

SPRINT 7L - Side View

Dimensions Maximum Minimum
Depth 1.217 mm ( B ) 850 mm ( E )


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