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Bobbin Changer for Flat Embroidery Machines – Minimizes Downtime and Maximizes Efficiency

Increase productivity by up to 15 % - with our bobbin changer system (SKW) you can increase the efficiency of your flat embroidery machine enormously. We have developed the well proven SKW in practice especially for our high performance flat embroidery machines. It eliminates the downtime that previously arose when changing the lower thread bobbins.

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Exchange at top speed

The bobbin changer only needs 20 seconds to replace an original ZSK bobbin. The machine only stands still for a short time compared to a manual change - for example, the net production time of a YCF 4405 increases by two hours per day. Extrapolated to one year, the efficiency, the output of the operation and the satisfaction of the operators can be significantly increased. Even the replacement of a magazine works within a very short time: If there is always a spare magazine in stock per head, it can already be loaded during production.


Alternative use with different heads

Up to eight bobbin cases can be accommodated in the magazine of the bobbin changer. It can be used for both the F head and the W head. If a bobbin change in a pattern is to be prevented, the software of the T8-2 offers the function e.g. every 30,000 stitches to change the bobbin automatically. The bobbin changer is operated with compressed air. The solution does not include a compressor. .

Example Calculation for Increasing the Efficiency when using the SKW System

Machine: YCF 4405
Embroidery: All over within the pull-through process
Passages: 2 hours
Passages per shift: 4 passages
Layers: 2 layers per day
Bobbin change: 8 minuts with 2 Leuten


Productivity without SKW system:


Standstill per hour: 8 minutes
Standstill per pass: 2 x 8 min. = 15 minutes
Standstill per shift: 4 x 15 min. = 60 minutes
Standstill per shift: 2 x 60 min. = 2 hours
Production time net: 14 hours (2 hours standstill)
Productivity: 8 lanes


Productivity with SKW system


Downtime for bobbin change: none
Time gain per day:  2 hours
Production time net: 16 hours
Productivity: 9 lanes


Production has increased by 15 percent!

New Potentials through Automatic Assignment

We offer the bobbin changer in three versions: as 1:1 changer, as standard version and as Auto Select bobbin changer. The Auto Select bobbin changer knows the position of the magazine at any time. In the T8-2 control unit, the needle and bobbin and thus also conductive top and bottom yarn, thick top and bottom yarn for 3D effects as well as the same color top and bottom yarns can be automatically assigned. This offers new potential, especially in high-end design. Production times are shortened and possible mistakes in a manual change of bobbins - to keep the yarn colors of top and bottom yarn in an embroidery equal - can be avoided. Even with the combination of thin and thick top yarn in a pattern, the Auto Select bobbin changer is a great help.


The bobbin case changer can be installed on all ZSK flatbed machines, with the exception of the RACER machines, as access to the free arm for the textile is required.

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