Industrielle Stickerei

Efficient Solutions for Industrial Embroidery – Highest Quality for all Applications


With our machines and their possible options, we cover all the requirements of industrial embroidery. There is hardly a challenge of industrial embroidery that you can not master with our machines and their options. We have equipped our products to meet all requirements: from the wide range of machines used in contract finishing, to repeatable sample production for the furniture and home textiles industry, to specialized solutions for the automotive, mattress and workwear industries and promotion industry. In production, however, not only the flexibility and basic suitability count, but above all reliability and efficiency. Therefore, our machines have been specially designed and manufactured for 24-hour operation seven days a week.


You are well informed about all processes of your production through the use of our software solution My.ZSK. Which machine is how busy? What was produced in which time? What disorders were there? You can use My.ZSK to retrieve many evaluations that answer these questions. Mailed alarms for individually defined events as well as the possibility to analyze machine, head and needle disturbances show the chosen path towards predictive maintenance.

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