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E-Textiles – Traditional Fabrics with Functions

E-textiles, or the ability to embed electronics and their electrical properties into fabrics, allow for a new class of self-aware materials. They offer you the opportunity to confer functions upon traditional fabrics. These materials can have internal sensing capabilities as well as the ability to adapt themselves to various changing environments. In this way, they open doors to data collection that was not previously economic or even possible.


Technical embroidery offers a host of methods to create new e-textiles and to push the entire field forward. Due to embroidery’s high maneuverability, quick adaptability to new designs, and established scalability, embroidered systems are increasingly being sought after. The aim: to create prototypes and solutions for this ever-growing e-textiles market.


Conductive Connections

Technical embroidery can allow traditional circuit boards to be mechanically mounted to fabrics, while automatically creating conductive textile connections them. Aspects of traditional circuit board design such as creating conductive traces can also be incorporated using technical embroidery.


Electrical components have an ever-decreasing size. This opens a greater scope of design, e.g. mounting components to embroidered sequins. Moreover, sensors can be integrated exactly where they are needed in an automated process.

Technical embroidery systems offer solutions to two of the biggest challenges facing the e-textile industry. On the one hand, they enable the realization of a reliable interface between the electronic components and the textile and, on the other hand, the automated mass production of smart and e-textiles.


Our video takes you into the world of smart textiles, and shows how ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH faces the challenges in today's volatile world. 

It is easy to see that due to its high precision and many options, embroidery technology is an excellent tool for integrating functionalities into textiles. 


Thus, with only 3 different embroidery heads, a wide variety of geometries of textile sensors, actuators, electrodes, functional LED's or RFID sequins, and even entire printed circuit boards (PCB's) with conductive threads can be integrated automatically and reliably. This wide range of possibilities always poses new challenges, but at the same time offers room for innovation. 


With our engineering office 3E Smart Solutions, ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH offers its customers a unique combination of technology and know-how transfer for the realization of their products. 3E Smart Solutions has set itself the goal to accompany your vision from prototype development to industrial production, and to provide holistic consulting support. 

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Programming Electronics Academy - Podcast - ETEXTILES WITH TOPHER ANDERSON

A Podacst 

Michael Chaich, owner of "Programming Electronics" in conversation with Dr. Topher Anderson, Technical Embroidery Manager, ZSK USA about e-textiles.


Listen to the Podcast


Integration of electronics in textiles through embroidery

By Dipl.-Ing. Melanie Hoerr, Manager Technical Embroidery Applications, ZSK STICKMASCHINEN for / Issue No. 3 / 4-2021 (in German)


Read the Article (PDF)

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