Hot Air Cutting – the Art of Cutting with Hot Air

Are you looking for a cost efficient alternative to a laser bridge? Use the method of Hot Air Cutting (HAC) in order to cut textiles. Our device celebrated its debut already in 2015 at ITMA in Milan and has since proved to be valuable. The HAC units can also be retro fitted to our ZSK embroidery machines.


By using the HAC device, especially synthetic materials can be cut precisely. Other materials such as cotton can also be cut, however HAC leaves similar traces as laser cutting to such materials.

V6.1 Paillette – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Creating 3D Cuts

By means of a unique magnet system, HAC allows 3D cutting, e.g. for blouse manufacturing. Use this special technology, for instance to create multilayer 3D flowers that can be combined through embroidery.

T6.1 Pailletten – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Engraving Fleece Products

Besides cutting of textiles, HAC offers another feature: It serves as engraving system in processing fleece products. Hence, with this device it is also possible to refine textiles.

Combination with our embroidery machines

The HAC device can be combined with all our ZSK embroidery machines.
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