funkionale Pailletten

Functional Sequins (FS) - The Fusion of Electronics and Textiles

Whether integrated LEDs, thermal sensors, RFID chips, antennas, Bluetooth chips or even entire microcontroller circuits - functional sequins (FS) have numerous applications. Even though they resemble traditional sequins of the textile industry in their geometry, FS offers you much more by integrating electrical properties. The applications of functional sequins are endless. With the help of our specially developed sequin mechanism for functional sequins (FSD), they can be optimally embroidered. The automated sequin placement eliminates the need for a secondary process to fabricate e-textile designs. Conductive paths for connecting the sequin to other electronic components can optionally be embroidered automatically. You then have the option to embroider traditional design elements and further decorate your textiles to give you an individual look.


LED Sequins for Special Effects

LED sequins are an example of functional sequins to functionalize a fabric. The LEDs are pre-mounted on sequin rolls, which can be sewn into the fabric structure during the embroidery process. This technology allows the fusion of electronics and textiles in an exciting new way that preserves both the functionality of the electronics and the soft material properties of the textile. By designing the sequin assembly in the EPCwin software, the process of integrating electronics automates automatically and can be achieved through a single mechanical process. Embroider the LED sequins by means of embroidery automatically with the tightest tolerances to a power supply, to achieve special effects.

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