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How To – Design Placement

This option is only available for CHALLENGER, SPRINT 7 and most recent RACER with pantograph absolute encoders.

The latest version of the T8 software introduces a feature that supports the operator in placing a design at the designated position. In many cases the embroidery design is located at a position, where it dependent on a print position or characteristics of a garment. So far the operator had to hoop the garment very precisely or required a longer setup time for the perfect positioning of the starting point of the design.
The new feature allows the operator to choose two points and to place the embroidery design according to their choice. The embroidery design can be placed in the centre of these two points or next to point A or B. The software feature also allows the turning of the design to fit the angle of the selected points.
A typical situation could be a towel where the embroidery should be placed in the center of woven elements. Another example are situations where a print on a product and the embroidered design have to match perfectly.

How To Design Placement – ZSK Stickmaschinen

In the photo right the border or pattern of the towel is not straight in the hoop. A logo or other embroidery design would be embroidered obliquely at the wrong angle. The desired pattern needs to be aligned on the course of the border in the frame.
At T8-2 control unit start with loading a design. 
Once it is loaded start the aligning process by typing R1 and  then U1 for “More ...”

How To Design Placement – ZSK Stickmaschinen

In order to align the design with the garment now, we will set two reference points which will change the alignment of the design. Here the embroidery design should be aligned  to the border of the towel. Move the needle to a point on the border. Mark the point by typing U5  at the T8-2 control unit.


Icon at U5 marketing point 1

Icon at U6 marketing point 2

Move the needle to a second point at the border of the towel. Mark this second point by typing U6. The embroidery design will now aligned at an imaginary line between points P1 and P2.

How To Design Placement – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Once the two points have been set, various options are available at the U row. These options are suggesting the placement of the design after realigning the design. The options suggest the design could be placed from far right to far left corner of the two aligned points. They also suggest the possibility of the design being made above or below the set point. 
Important point to note, U10 options suggests that the machine should just realign the design. The placement of the design will be made by you separately. This is usually done when the aligning points are not where the design is supposed to be placed. 
In our example, we have used setting U2.

How To Design Placement – ZSK Stickmaschinen

The T8-2 monitor shows certain measurements; these measurements are in lieu of the realignment of the design. 
Once you move the pantograph with respect to the measurements on the screen, you will be brought to the point where you don’t have to reposition the design. The machines software has already done that for you.

How To Design Placement – ZSK Stickmaschinen

This is the final step, if you look at the photo, you will see how the two points have helped the design to realign itself. The two points that were set were used to calculate the degree and the direction in the which the design have to be moved towards.
Now the embroidery can start.

How To Design Placement – ZSK Stickmaschinen

The resulting embroidery design is perfectly aligned!

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