Do you already know this T8 function?

The T8 control unit is a powerful tool for creating embroidery on ZSK embroidery machines. The operation of the T8 is intuitive and easy to learn and supports your work with many helpful functions.
We describe these functions here in downloadable PDF.

T8 with USB Mouse - mouse clicks instead of function keys. [ PDF ]


Select a stitch - easier with a mouse. [ PDF ]


Screenshot of machine information - simply created! [ PDF ]


Simple Operation Mode - easier to use and limited access rights. [ PDF ]


Guidelines - create guides in the form of dashes or rectangles. [ PDF ]


Set Notifications - Pure information or trigger for a machine stop. [ PDF ]


Thread break at multihead embroidery machines - Automatic stop for heads without thread breakage at the restart point. [ PDF ]


Start slowly – Slow stitches for piecing. [ PDF ]