EPCwin vs BasePac-ZSK Stickmaschinen

Digitizing Software - BasePac and EPCwin Product Comparison


What is embroidery software needed for?

Embroidery machines have their own computer that can read embroidery files in special formats. These are sent to the machine via network or USB. The digitizing software is required to display stitch data on a normal computer and, if necessary, convert them into a suitable embroidery format. However, the machine can neither read image nor drawing data (jpg, .svg, .ai, etc.). Here a special software is needed to translate these file formats into stitch data (stitches).


When choosing a software package, a distinction is made between pure processing on the one hand, and viewing existing stitch data and the creation of complex designs from image or drawing files on the other hand. The latter is also called "digitizing".


What means "digitizing"?

The profession of punching/digitizing has a long tradition and goes back to the time when embroidery patterns were realized on the machine by using punch cards. These punch cards contained information about the direction and length of each stitch. The pre-drawn design had to be punched stitch by stitch onto punch cards, similar to the technique used in jacquard weaving. What used to be very labour intense created by hand on a so-called punch board by the puncher, is now done by CAD systems based on vector lines or image files and pre-defined parameters. The task of the puncher is therefore to define the contours, determine stitch types and set sequences.


Profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen der ZSK-Software

Benefit from the advantages of ZSK software

  • Automatic change between the different technologies of ZSK combination machines
  • Machine settings, such as presser foot  height, can already be programmed in the design
  • Automatic start-up of the individual heads on multi-head machines for large designs that exceed the embroidery field size
  • Operation of the ZSK additional units such as twin-sequin, HAC (Hot Air Cutting), etc.
  • Perfect conversion to ZSK .z00 code guarantees best stich quality carrying all machine commands
  • Staple export of designs directly to machine via network connection
Schulung und Support durch lokale Vertretungen oder ZSK Mitarbeiter

ZSK also offers

  • Training and support by local representatives or ZSK employees
  • Become part of the ZSK family. Benefit from an exclusive MY.ZSK access and find out about new functions including detailed instructions as well as tips and tricks on current topics.


The high-end solution especially for large digitizing departments in the field of fashion, home textiles and classic finishing. EPCwin also offers special features for smart textiles and technical embroidery. Further application options for our OPS2 camera solution and thread cone matching have been implemented.


We recommend professional training in order to be able to take full advantage of the extensive functions of the program.


  • CAD solution for technical embroidery
  • Highly professional digitizing software for industrial applications
  • Efficient working with shortcut keys for programming
  • Special automatic functions for complex stitch types  
  • Excellent solutions for team work in big companies
  • Shuttle-embroidery function


EPCwin info


The optimal solution from individual embroiders to large embroidery companies. Minimizes your preparation time by using auto-digitize or loading names via ring buffer.



BasePac is easy to learn and ideal for beginners.


  • Intuitive usage thanks to Windows-based layout
  • Auto-Digitize
  • Integrated workflow-solution for team names
  • Outstanding monogram function and font converter
  • Braille-Option


BasePac info




  • Linux „philosophy“ - operating via function keys (F1-F12)
  • Fast working with direct acces to all functions
  • Big work field and clear structure through reduced icons
  • Seamless switch between digitizing mode and fully integrated vector program

EPCwin Layout



  • Windows based
  • Overview of all functions and their status
  • Pull down menus and common windows shortcuts


BasePac Layout


EPCwin is leading in stitch calculation and has a broad selection of tools for textile products:


  • Automatic programs for all stitch types and complex variations
  • Comes with a fully integrated drawing program that is specialized in creating and editing of textile designs and technical drawings
  • Interactive drawing tools, e.g. spiral fill, repeats and quilting
  • Detailed parameter settings for high quality embroidery on all  materials
  • Support of the ZSK Camera-system (OPS2)
  • Special machine commands for technical embroidery (W- and K-head)


Find out more about EPCwin digitizing tools

BasePac comes with numerous handy tools, that allow fast and easy creation of professional embroidery designs:


  • Automatic program for all common stitch types and a few variations 
  • Extensive lettering program and font converter
  • Auto-Digitizing from pictures (.jpg) and vector data (.svg, .dxf, …)
  • Template function for team names, also on multihead machines
  • Ringbuffer for direct transfer of stitch files to the machine
  • Simple drawing and editing of vector data
  • BasePac 10 comes in different software packages for individual requirements


Find out more about BasePac software packages


EPCwin 7

BasePac 10

Editing/conversion of stitch data (multiple formats)

x x

Simple drawing program

x x

Interactive drawing program


Import and editing of vector data

x x

Complex CAD drawing program


Main stitch types as automatic programs

x x

Head selection for multi-head machines

x x

Stencils and macros

x x

Cross ball program


Cross stitch program


Spiral fill and maze fill drawing program


Complex satin stitch program


All machine commands for W- and K-head


Fill program for twin bead and twin sequin


Limitation of length for manual stitches


Support of ZSK camera solution


Monogram program

x x

TrueType font converter

x x

Outstanding monogram mode


Team names and template function


Auto-digitizing from pictures and vectors

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