Wooden embroidery frames for ZSK embroidery machines

Top class wooden embroidery frames for ZSK embroidery machines!

For more than 30 years, ZSK EMBROIDERY MACHINERY has been offering wooden and plastic frames from Allied International for its machines around the world.


Wooden embroidery frames for tubular arm embroidery machines

The majority of stickers today prefer plastic frames for their production. However, one can see that, relative to the task volume, only a very small number of actually suitable standard plastic frames are available for the various embroidery tasks. In contrast, clamping frames made of wood are also available in many other non-standardized dimensions.

And today, as in the past, the following applies: the more precisely the dimensions of a frame fit the desired embroidery design, the better the qualitative embroidery result.


Embroidery frame made of wood for ZSK embroidery machines

Wooden embroidery frames - Round

For ZSK embroidery machines with a head distance of 400 mm and 495 mm, Allied International offers round wooden embroidery frames with the following inner diameters:


  • 150 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 240 mm
  • 300 mm
Rectangel wooden frame for ZSK embroidery machines

Rectangel wooden embroidery frames 

For ZSK embroidery machines with a head distance of 400 mm and 495 mm, Allied International offers square wooden embroidery frames with the following inner dimensions:


  • 240 x 180 mm
  • 290 x 200 mm
  • 200 x 290 mm
  • 335 x 215 mm
  • 360 x 290 mm
  • 420 x 300 mm
  • 280 x 345 mm
  • 215 x 355 mm
Wooden embroiodery frame for specific uses

Wooden embroidery frames for specific uses

For our free arm embroidery machines with a head distance of 400 mm and 495 mm, Allied International offers wooden embroidery frames for e.g. sleeves in different sizes.

Other advantages of clamping frames for embroidery made of wood

Naturally sustainable


Better grip

The natural surface structure of the wooden embroidery frames provides a better grip when hooping thin, thick or slippery materials such as satin and silk.


Double frame height

Embroidery frames made of wood with double the frame height offer an even larger surface for the slip-free clamping of all products. The double height also prevents the inner ring from jumping out, which occurs with plastic frames, especially with thick garments.


Opening width

Allied International's wooden embroidery frames have longer adjustment screws. As a result, the opening width of the outer wooden frame is larger than that of a conventional plastic frame. This property supports the clamping of really thick materials such as winter jackets.


Custom sizes are easy to manufacture

Wooden frames offer a multitude of variants with regard to the many aspects to be taken into account when embroidering, such as shape, size, the area of ​​clothing to be embroidered or the type and size of the item of clothing or embroidery material. Frames in special sizes are easier, faster and cheaper to manufacture with wood than with plastic.

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