Introducing the ZSK Automated Single Head:
A Game-Changer for Customized Patch Production

Discover the Innovative Features of ZSK Stickmaschinen's Newest Embroidery Solution, Designed for Efficiency and Flexibility


ZSK Automated Patch Production Solution

At ZSK Stickmaschinen, we continuously strive to enhance our customers' embroidery experience by delivering innovative and efficient solutions.


This year, we proudly present our latest groundbreaking product: the ZSK Automated Single Head, based on the well-known SPRINT 7 Series with servo drives.

This state-of-the-art machine is designed to revolutionize customized patch production, offering an unmatched combination of efficiency, precision, and flexibility.


Seamless, Automated Patch Production and Velcro Attachment

The ZSK Automated Single Head streamlines the patch production process by automating several tasks. The machine accepts fabric tape rolls, which it then embroiders with a name, logo, or design, complete with a border. Next, the machine sews Velcro onto the tape below the embroidered patch. This process can be repeated automatically for the entire roll of tape, with the machine winding up the combined tape and Velcro on a roll for easy handling.

Flexible and Efficient Multi-Color Tape Management

To ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, the ZSK Automated Single Head allows for easy switching between different colors of tapes. Multiple rolls can be placed below the machine, enabling operators to change rolls as needed without interrupting the production process.


Integration with ZSK Automation Software

The ZSK Automated Single Head can be connected to ZSK's automation software, leveraging the Ring Buffer connection and GiS BasePac. This integration allows patches to be automatically pushed into the machine or generated from a CSV file, further streamlining the embroidery workflow.


Advanced Laser Cutting for Precise Patch Finishing

The system can also be paired with laser cutting solutions from leading suppliers like Willy or SEIT from Italy. These laser cutters, equipped with camera detection, enable precise cutting of the stitched patches for a clean and professional finish.

Experience the Future of Customized Patch Production

The ZSK Automated Single Head is set to redefine the embroidery industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and flexibility for customized patch production. This innovative solution is perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their output and deliver high-quality, personalized embroidery services to their clients. Discover the future of embroidery with ZSK Stickmaschinen's latest breakthrough.