Carl Magazin ZSK Stickmaschinen

Carl - The ZSK STICKMASCHINEN Customer Magazi

We are proud to launch "Carl" - the new ZSK STICKMASCHINEN customer magazine. We plan to publish the magazine twice per year in spring and autumn, to present updates about ZSK STICKMASCHINEN, our embroidery machines and accessories.

Additionally, we will include interesting information around embroidery and technical embroidery, that you might find useful.If you have suggestions, ideas, or topics of interest that you would like to find in our magazine, please reach out to anyone at ZSK STICKMASCHINEN.

Carl - The ZSK STICKMASCHINEN Customer Magazine - Autumn 2020


From the content

  • Exhibition - History in Fashion
  • Crafting Smart Textiles
  • Embroidering textiles with Braille
  • Case study - Leather upholstery
  • Trends in fashion embroidery
  • Case study - Uniform accessories
  • ZSK – For a lifetime?!
  • BasePac 10 - How to create a sequin design
  • BasePac 10 - Quicktext with Head Selection
  • EPCwin 7 - How to create a bead design




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Carl Magazin spring 2019


This issue is full of color! We dive into the art of Indian embroidery, watch how young designers work traditional embroidery into their modern designs and explore the world of embroidering leather. You will also find plenty of interesting topics like TFP, Smake and our EPS-project.


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Carl Magazin Download

Carl Magazin autumn 2018


New machines, technical embroidery, exciting events and creative innovations - in the first issue of our magazine you will get a comprehensive insight into the world of embroidery! Discover tips on financing, troubleshooting, and sportswear embroidery, and more.

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