Latest software for the T8 / T8-2 ZSK embroidery machines.


This software is not applicable to SPRINT 4 (neither it is upgraded with a T8/T8-2), TFT and LCD. Please contact your local ZSK representative to get the neccessary software.
The software offered at this website is neccessary for using the T8-2 control unit.


Proceeding to save the software to an USB flash drive

Note:The software download will be provided as a compressed archive, a zip-file. To uncompress this file you need software like WinZip (commercial) or 7-Zip, an open source project which is available for free (


Please check the neccessary software version!


The last version with V40 modul is version Relase 004b / 02.07.2018.


Other new machines use the latest available version.

  1. Connect an empty USB flash drive to your computer.
  2. Download the compressed file to an empty folder at your computer.
  3. Unzip / Uncompress the file:
  4. Right Mouse Click to the file
  5. Choose "Open" at the dialog.
  6. Save the files to the flash drive.

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