Mighty Hoop® & Hoop Master®

The clamping-revolution

The perfect solution for safe and precise clamping of textiles. MightyHoop® and HoopMaster®, a combination of magnetic frame and clamping aid that radically modernizes the process of fixing garments before embroidering. Working with HoopMaster® and MightyHoop® is a lot easier than common clamping. The time-consuming smoothing, centering and defining the position of the garment becomes a breeze!. The HoopMaster® helps to position the textile, holds the two parts of the MightyHoop magnetic frame and joins them precisely. The embroidery design is located exactly at the requested position every time. You save time and increase the productivity and quality of your work.

Advantages of the Mighty Hoop® - frames

  • No need to adjust the frame to different thicknesses.
  • You save time and increase the productivity and quality of your work.
  • No stress for your arms and hands, the magnetic parts tighten themselves
  • Buttons, zippers and other appliqués can be clamped, too.
  • No clamping traces on sensitive fabrics.
Might Hoop – ZSK Stickmaschinen

Mighty Hoop® - the magnetic revolution of clamping

The MightyHoops are special frames for textiles. They do not clamp the fabric by pressing two frames into each other like conventional systems. They are equipped with magnets. Thus, the clamping is effort saving and there is no need to adjust the tension to different garment-thicknesses. With this system, thick or wadded fabrics are fixed in place reliably and without any clamping-marks. You can clamp even zippers or pockets. Compared to the usual centering and stretching, you can save a lot of time and energy.  With this most helpful tool, even new employees handle clamping quickly and reliably.

Might Hoop –  ZSK Stickmaschinen

Hoop Master® 

HoopMaster is the perfect addition to the MightyHoop frames. This framing aid secures the precise and effortless positioning of embroidery designs. HoopMaster defines the framing-position and makes the placement of the embroidery-design documentable and reproducible.


Internal dimensions of the frames in mm

Frame Inner Dimension     Head Distance 400 mm Head Distance 495 mm
4.25'' x 4.25'' 103 x 103 mm X X  
5.5'' x 5.5'' 135 x 135 mm X X
7.25'' x 7.25'' 184 x 184 mm X X
10'' x 10'' 245 x 245 mm X X
8 ''x 13'' 194 x 325 mm   X
11'' x 13'' 275 x 325 mm   X
12'' x 15'' 300 x 375 mm   X
13'' x 16'' 325 x 400 mm   X
4.25'' x 13'' 103 x 325 mm X X

Mighty Hoop® and Hoop Master® available at ZSK

ZSK Basic Set "Basic Magnetics"

The ZSK Mighty Hoop set "Basic Magnetics" includes all parts to start immediately.


1 x Hoopmaster Station
1 x T-Square
1 x Mighty Hoop Fixture
1 x Mighty Hoop (Please choose: 4.25' 'x 4.25'', 5.5' 'x 5.5''' oder 7.25'' x 7.25'')
1 x Set adaptor brackets for ZSK embroidery machines or other branded machines.


Our price:

499 €  excl. tax and shipping



ZSK Set "Extended Magnetics"

The ZSK set "Extended Magnetics" allows clamping of larger areas like the back part of a jacket.


1 x 10'' x 10'' Mighty Hoop
1 x Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture for big frames (10'' x 10'', 8'' x 13'', 11'' x 13'', 12.5'' x 15.75'', 13'' x 16'')
1 x Set adaptor brackets for ZSK embroidery machines or other branded machines.


Our price:

299 € excl. tax and shipping


* Mighty Hoop® and Hoop Master® are available on request at all our worldwide agencies and at our spare parts department.


We sell and fit up Mighty Hoop® and Hoop Master® products as well for other brands than ZSK.

Combination with our embroidery machines

You can combine Mighty Hoop® and Hoop Master® with all our ZSK embroidery machines. We also make the Mighty Hoop® products available for other embroidery machines. We are happy to advise you on all possibilities. Contact us.

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