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Our Company - Driven by the Enthusiasm for Future-Oriented Technology

Embroidery is one of the most diverse textile techniques. Countless challenges can be mastered with embroidery machines and indeed more efficiently than with many other methods. Reduced time, less material loss and the ability to customize products down to the smallest detail – these are just three of the many advantages that embroidery offers. The enthusiasm for this versatility goes back to the beginnings of our company more than 100 years ago. Since then, two principles have always been in focus: the highest quality and the claim on ourselves to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. Therefore, we rely on German workmanship, we subject our production to strict quality standards and manufacture each machine as a single piece. Our portfolio ranges from small single head machines for beginners and 56 head machines for larger production quantities to technical systems that go far beyond standard procedures. All versions can be equipped with a variety of accessories tailored to your application. Our machines are used in textile production as well as in sports and medical technology, the aviation industry and in the automotive sector.


Located at the Top of the Market

The success story confirms our actions. Founded in 1984 by former employees of the renowned traditional Krefeld company Zangs, our company ZSK has become one of the market leaders in a highly competitive industry. We are one of the internally leading market players. Over the years, we have continuously expanded and perfected our extensive expertise. Our employees have years of industry experience. Therefore, we can say for sure that you will receive the optimal product for your specific needs.


Tradition and Innovation

For decades, our know-how has met innovative strength. Just as we rely on proven techniques, we are constantly developing ourselves and our solutions. Particularly in the field of technical embroidery, advanced systems give rise to new and previously unimaginable applications, e.g. by embedding sensors for biomedical purposes or processing carbon fibers for preformed 3D parts. Continuous dialogue with the market is a matter of course for us in order to maintain and expand our leading position in research and development. And, of course, we also build the bridge between traditional processes and digitization: in addition to traditional plant engineering, we sell software solutions, e-commerce and workflow systems for sales logistics and virtual filing of production data as process providers.


Among the TOP 100

Our future-oriented action was crowned in 2017 by the award as one of the TOP 100 most innovative companies in the German middle class sector. In the external orientation/open innovation category, we were able to convince through our innovation processes in a scientifically accompanied, independent selection process. There was praise for our cooperation: Collaboration with universities and product developers as well as interaction with our customers help to identify new opportunities and develop technology areas for embroidery systems. This, in turn, creates new business opportunities that can boost your competitiveness.


Cooperation at Eye Level

For us, working in partnership with you counts. We attach importance to sustainability and accompany you as a customer even after purchasing a machine – through appropriate training and competent service. Our professional staff will be at your side in all matters, from the entry into the embroidery business to the joint development of novel high-tech solutions. Open to suggestions, we are happy to exchange ideas with you and adjust our services to get even better.


Competence and Commitment

Internally, we also treat each other respectfully. Honesty, reliability and conscientiousness are the pillars of our corporate culture. Our products are a team effort that we are proud of. The guiding principle is uncompromising quality. This is reflected in the breadth of our solutions and at the same time in the advisory skills of our employees. Well-founded expertise and commitment distinguish our experts. You can always count on having a professional conversation partner.


Worldwide Network

As a ZSK customer, you also benefit from fast, direct access to a worldwide sales, advisory and service network. We have chosen our representatives with the utmost care. They are connoisseurs of their country-specific market and are in constant contact with us as the parent company. Thus, practically acquired insights are continuously incorporated into the improvement of our products and services. Cooperation with us guarantees increased competitiveness and absolute investment security. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a product that meets your requirements in every respect.

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