ZSK STICKMASCHINEN auf der FESPA  2024 in Amsterdam, NL

Successful with ZSK embroidery machines - visit us at FESPA 2024 in Amsterdam !

Meet the team of WALZ Solutions, our representative for Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The team will be supported at FESPA by experts from the ZSK headquarters in Krefeld, Germany!


In Amsterdam, we will be presenting our latest embroidery solutions and how they can successfully support your business and applications.

Following the launch in the USA and Middle East, we are particularly looking forward to presenting the new SPRINT 7 MAX with 24 needles in Europe!


You will find us in

Hall 11 -> Booth D02


24 needles/colours - from colourful designs to maximum efficiency

ZSK Stickmaschine SPRINT 7 Max - 24 Nadeln

Why SPRINT 7 MAX is a Must-Have:

Fulfillment Job Mastery: Tailored for businesses handling fulfillment jobs, the SPRINT 7 MAX ensures efficiency and quality in every stitch.


Versatility with Yarns: Seamlessly combine standard and extra fine yarns with ease, making it the perfect choice for diverse embroidery demands.


Sampling Perfection: Looking for the ultimate sampling machine? Look no further! Our SPRINT 7 MAX delivers precision and versatility for all your sampling needs.


Space-Saving Design: Despite its advanced features, it comes in the same footprint as the SPRINT 6 and 7, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your workspace.


Reduced Downtime: Say goodbye to lengthy yarn changeovers. Our new model drastically cuts down on downtime, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.


Top quality embroidery

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - RACER 4S - 4 Head Embroidery Machine

A great and powerful embroidery machine


With 12 needles per head and the slimmest tubular arm in the industry, the RACER 4S ensures precise and easy embroidery even in tight spaces such as shirt pockets.


In the border frame, the RACER 4S allows you to embroider accurately and seamlessly in a repeat over an area of 1.600mm x 500mm! Thanks to the automatic head selection, which is standard on most models in the RACER series, you can also embroider unique large designs on the entire surface.


In single frames such as the magnetic frames from Mighty Hoop, you can produce individualised jerseys for an entire football team on up to 405mm x 300mm and in a single operation.


RACER 4S - take your craftsmanship to a new level!

For you at the FESPA 2024 in Amsterdam, NL!
Your contacts from WALZ SOLUTIONS, ZSK's representative BENELUX and Germany


Mario Ribeiro - Managing Director Walz Solutions


Mario Ribeiro

Managing Director
WALZ Solutions

Lorenz Sobizack - Sales North Walz Solutions


Lorenz Sobizack

Sales North
WALZ Solutions

Peter Ansems - Sales and Service The Netherlands


Peter Ansems

Sales and Service The Netherlands
WALZ Solutions

Kai Löffler - Sales South Walz Solutions


Kai Löffler

Sales South
WALZ Solutions





Office and showroom in Pforzheim and Krefeld, Germany

Telephone: +49 7121 15995 - 10 | Email: info____________@walz-solutions.de
Online: www.walz-solutions.de

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - SPRINT 8 - die Beste für 3D Stickerei

SPRINT 8 - the best for 3D embroidery

With their 18 needles, the SPRINT 8 enable greater efficiency and a new level of creativity and perfection. In addition, the technology of the SPRINT 8 embroidery head also meets the highest demands on the quality of each individual stitch.


3D / Puffy Embroidery

A reinforced, robust chassis, extra strong springs and modified levers for perfect thread guidance are just a few of the components of the SPRINT 8 that enable exceptional design and new heights in 3D embroidery.



The SPRINT 8 is equipped with the best servo motors, a super fast color change and catcher. These features make the SPRINT 8 one of the most efficient single-head embroidery machines on the market.


More about SPRINT 8 ...

See you soon at the FESPA 2024 in Amsterdam!

We look forward to your visit.


Do you have any questions about the trade fair or the machines and solutions we are showing?

Please send us a message by email to: marketing@zsk.de