ZSK STICKMASCHINEN auf derv ITMA 2023 in Mailand, Italien

ITMA 2023 - into the future of embroidery with ZSK embroidery machines!

In Milan, Italy we will show what is already possible in today's professional embroidery.


You can find us in

Hall 9 -> Stand D109

RACER R 4W - the really fastest 4-head embroidery machine

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - die schnellste 4-Kopf Stickmaschine

2.020 Stitches per Minute


The new embroidery machine series "R" of the RACER series with the innovative R-head!


Experience incomparable pattern precision, embroidery safety and smooth running.

The R-head minimizes problematic mass forces and torsional vibrations, allowing a high maximum speed of up to 2,020 stitches per minute. At the same time, significantly reduced noise emissions were achieved compared to current embroidery heads.


The new ZSK "R" embroidery head was honored by the jury of the texprocess innovation award 2022 as a "reinvention of the embroidery head". Welcome to the future of embroidery!


More information about the R-head ...

RACER 0124 - Perfect embroidery on leather

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - RACER 0124  mit dem OPS II Kamerasystem für perfektes Sticken auf Leder

Racer 0124 and the ZSK Vision System


With the RACER series, we have once again created a standard by which embroidery performance in the embroidery industry can be measured! The RACER 0124 with its 24 needles and an embroidery field of 1.000mm x 700mm underlines this impressively.


The extreme embroidery accuracy of the RACER, which is already inherent in the series, is further increased through the interaction with the camera-based ZSK Vision System.


The Vision System meets tolerance requirements of approx. +/- 0.3 mm.

It checks the actual position of existing seams, patterns or perforations in relation to the current stitch and compensates for shrinkage or stretching of the material.


More about the ZSK Vision System ...

JGVA - three embroidery technologies - one ZSK embroidery machine

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - JGVA 0109 - Drei Sticktechnologien in einer Maschine

JGVA 0109


The JGVA 0109 has different embroidery heads for embroidering chain stitch and chenille (K head), cord and ribbon (W head) as well as the standard embroidery head for multicolor embroidery.


With this wide range of different embroidery technologies, the JGVA 0109 allows the realization of a wide range of products and applications and enables you to use advanced methodical processes for specific design goals.

Applications: COLOREEL




With 18 needles, the SPRINT 7 not only offers the best embroidery quality in the cap, tubular or border frame modes.

Many additional extensions and embroidery frames that are also available enable the development and implementation of even unusual customer requests with high efficiency and economic success.

More about the SPRINT 7 ...


COLOREEL with the revolutionary technology for the right embroidery thread color on demand. The system always offers the right thread color exactly when you need it! COLOREEL embroiders all the colors required for the embroidery design with just one thread and one needle!

More about Coloreel ...

3D embroidery - high, higher, SPRINT 8

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - SPRINT 8 - die Beste für 3D Stickerei

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - SPRINT 8 - the best for 3D embroidery
With their 18 needles, the SPRINT 8 enable greater efficiency and a new level of creativity and perfection. In addition, the technology of the SPRINT 8 embroidery head also meets the highest demands on the quality of each individual stitch.


3D / Puffy Embroidery

A reinforced, robust chassis, extra strong springs and modified levers for perfect thread guidance are just a few of the components of the SPRINT 8 that enable exceptional design and new heights in 3D embroidery.



The SPRINT 8 is equipped with the best servo motors, a super fast color change and catcher. These features make the SPRINT 8 one of the most efficient single-head embroidery machines on the market.


More about SPRINT 8 ...

See you soon at ITMA 2023!

We are looking forward to your visit.