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24 needles/colours - from colourful designs to maximum efficiency

ZSK Stickmaschine SPRINT 7 Max - 24 Nadeln

Why SPRINT 7 MAX is a Must-Have:

Fulfillment Job Mastery: Tailored for businesses handling fulfillment jobs, the SPRINT 7 MAX ensures efficiency and quality in every stitch.


Versatility with Yarns: Seamlessly combine standard and extra fine yarns with ease, making it the perfect choice for diverse embroidery demands.


Sampling Perfection: Looking for the ultimate sampling machine? Look no further! Our SPRINT 7 MAX delivers precision and versatility for all your sampling needs.


Space-Saving Design: Despite its advanced features, it comes in the same footprint as the SPRINT 6 and 7, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your workspace.


Reduced Downtime: Say goodbye to lengthy yarn changeovers. Our new model drastically cuts down on downtime, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.


Chenille, finest chain stitch and 18 needles for colourful designs!

ZSK Stickmaschine SPRINT 7 Max - 24 Nadeln

The RACER for surprisingly different embroidery designs


The new RACER H0118 combines two embroidery technologies in one compact embroidery solution. In addition to the ZSK F embroidery head for up to 18 colours, the RACER has the ZSK K embroidery head with 6 colours for fine chain stitch embroidery and chenille.


The combination of the two different embroidery techniques of F-head and K-head within one design opens up new possibilities for fresh and eye-catching embroidery designs with a special feel and colourfulness.


Open for different applications

The F-head and K-head of the RACER H0118 can embroider their respective embroidery types in a common 495mm x 500mm (W x D) border frame.

Thanks to the divisible work plate, the F-head can also embroider caps, shoes, shirts, hoodies and much more.


RACER H0118 - the versatile embroidery solution for companies that want to do more!


Seamless, Automated Patch Production and Velcro Attachment

ZSK Stickmaschine SPRINT 7 Patch Solution

This innovation of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN enables fully automated embroidery on hook and loop fasteners. The SPRINT 7 Patch Solution automates several tasks.


The machine accepts fabric tape rolls, which it then embroiders with a name, logo, or design, complete with a border. Next, the machine sews Velcro onto the tape below the embroidered patch. This process can be repeated automatically for the entire roll of tape, with the machine winding up the combined tape and Velcro on a roll for easy handling.


Flexible and Efficient Multi-Color Tape Management

To ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, the ZSK Patch Solution allows for easy switching between different colors of tapes. Multiple rolls can be placed below the machine, enabling operators to change rolls as needed without interrupting the production process.


More about the ZSK Patch Solution ...


Perfect embroidery on leather for the automotive industry

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - RACER 0124  mit dem OPS II Kamerasystem für perfektes Sticken auf Leder

Racer 0124 and the ZSK Vision System


With the RACER series, we have once again created a standard by which embroidery performance in the embroidery industry can be measured! The RACER 0124 with its 24 needles and an embroidery field of 1.000mm x 700mm underlines this impressively.


The extreme embroidery accuracy of the RACER, which is already inherent in the series, is further increased through the interaction with the camera-based ZSK Vision System.


The Vision System meets tolerance requirements of approx. +/- 0.3 mm.

It checks the actual position of existing seams, patterns or perforations in relation to the current stitch and compensates for shrinkage or stretching of the material.


More about the ZSK Vision System ...


Fast RACER with super fast sequins for brilliant effects

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - RACER 2W with sequin device

With the RACER series, we have created a standard by which embroidery performance in the embroidery industry can be measured! The RACER 2W with 12 needles, a wide head distance of 495mm, an embroidery field in the hoop of 990mm x 500mm and, last but not least, the standard automatic head switch-off emphasises this impressively.


The RACER 2W is equipped on every head with fast sequin devices that can perform 1,000 stitches per minute. Our sequins are known worldwide for their perfect embroidery results. We offer standard solutions for sequins from 2 to 19 mm.

Milestones were the development of equipment for sequins of up to 22 mm, the twin and the rhinestone sequin equipment.


More about ZSK sequin solutions ...


Rocket - the new embroidery head R with max. 2,020 stitches per minute

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - die schnellste 4-Kopf Stickmaschine

2.020 Stitches per Minute


The new embroidery machine series "R" of the RACER series with the innovative R-head!


Experience incomparable pattern precision, embroidery safety and smooth running.

The R-head minimizes problematic mass forces and torsional vibrations, allowing a high maximum speed of up to 2,020 stitches per minute. At the same time, significantly reduced noise emissions were achieved compared to current embroidery heads.


The new ZSK "R" embroidery head was honored by the jury of the texprocess innovation award 2022 as a "reinvention of the embroidery head". Welcome to the future of embroidery!


More information about the R-head ...


The next successful step for your embroidery business

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - SPRINT 8 - die Beste für 3D Stickerei

SPRINT 8 - the best for 3D embroidery

With their 18 needles, the SPRINT 8 enable greater efficiency and a new level of creativity and perfection. In addition, the technology of the SPRINT 8 embroidery head also meets the highest demands on the quality of each individual stitch.


3D / Puffy Embroidery

A reinforced, robust chassis, extra strong springs and modified levers for perfect thread guidance are just a few of the components of the SPRINT 8 that enable exceptional design and new heights in 3D embroidery.



The SPRINT 8 is equipped with the best servo motors, a super fast color change and catcher. These features make the SPRINT 8 one of the most efficient single-head embroidery machines on the market.


More about SPRINT 8 ...

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