Embroidery frames for professional embroidery

Holzrahmen für die Industrielle Stickerei

Wooden embroidery frames for ZSK tubular arm embroidery machines

Wooden embroidery frames are available in many non-standardized dimensions. And it still applies: the more precisely the dimensions of a frame fit the embroidery design, the better the embroidery result.

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Z 200 und Z360 System-Stickrahmen für den Flachstick

Wooden embroidery frames for ZSK flat embroidery

The embroidery frames with the quick attachment systems Z 200 and Z 360 are simply attached to a frame rail on the pantograph below each of the embroidery heads.

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Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ Stickrahmen aus Kunststoff

Plastic frames for ZSK tubular arm embroidery machines

Premium Allied Grid-Lock ™ (PAGL) frames have unique, patented markings that make it easy to visually check the alignment of the embroidery material and the embroidery design.

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Mighty Hoop magnetische Stickrahmen

Mighty Hoop - plastic frame with magnets

Mighty Hoop magnetic clamping frames and the HoopMaster clamping aid make clamping textile products easier and faster.

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Schablonenrahmen zum sticken von Namensschilder

Frame for name badges

Name badges can be found in many areas for the quick personalization of workwear. They are sewn or fastened with Velcro.

Stickrahmen zum besticken von Schuhen

Shoe frame from Würker

The shoe frame enables sports and work shoes to be embroidered with text and logo on the side areas of the shoe.

Stickrahmen zum besticken von Socken und Strümpfen

Embroidery frames for socks

The embroidery of socks is popular for office and trade fair clothing. But monograms also help to assign socks and stockings to the owner in private surroundings.

Stcikrahmen zum besticken von Hemdkragen als Office- und Messebekleidung

Embroidery frame for shirt collars

The shirt collar frame from Würker allows embroidery on the right and left side of shirt collars. It does not have to be unpacked from the packaging for embroidery.

Hemdtaschenrahmen für Office und Messebekleidung

Embroidery frame for shirt or breast pocket

The shirt pocket frames, enable the shirt pocket of a shirt to be embroidered without the pocket being stitched up and thus becoming unusable.

Bandrahmen für Schärpen, Bänder und andere Textile Gurte

Embroidery frames for ribbons

With strong magnets, the frame holds the right tension for embroidery. Ribbons, belts or sashes of any length and up to 90 mm wide can be embroidered with this embroidery frame.

Hooptech Klemmrahmen für schwere Stoffe und andere Sonderanwendungen

Clamping frames from HoopTech

HoopTech clamping frames are very suitable for clamping heavy textiles and products. The frame remains on the machine when it is clamped, thus ensuring an efficient work process.

Bordürenrahmen zum Stciken von Aufnähern, Tischdecken und vielen anderen Produkten

Border frames

Border frames are operated in flat stitch mode and can be used for a variety of different applications from small patches to flat tablecloths.