ZSK STICKMASCHINEN stellt auf der TecStyle Visions 2023 in Stuttgart aus

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN at TecStyle Visions 2023

ZSK is looking forward to being able to take part in TecStyle Visions at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center from March 30th to April 1st, 2023.


We would like to welcome you to our booth E31 in hall 5 together with our guest exhibitors WALZ SOLUTIONS and RICOH.

We offer you the opportunity here on this page to request one of the limited ticket codes available for a visit to us.


Together with our co-exhibitors, we have put together a great cross-section of outstanding embroidery machines, new interesting applications and leading DTG textile printers for you.

RACER with the new embroidery head "R"


2,000 stitches per minute


A special highlight is the new embroidery head "R" of the ZSK.

The new R-head is characterized by special pattern precision, embroidery reliability and smooth running.


Problematic mass forces and torsional vibrations have been minimized in the embroidery head to such an extent that high maximum speeds of up to 2,000 stitches per minute are possible. Noise emissions have been significantly reduced compared to current embroidery heads.


More information about the R-head ...

SPRINT series - the Single-Head Embroidery Machines


SPRINT series


The ZSK single-head embroidery machines from the SPRINT series are represented by three models: the attractive SPRINT 8, a SPRINT 7 with 18 needles and a SPRINT CLASSIC with 12 needles.


With the embroidery machines of the SPRINT series, in addition to the best embroidery quality, we offer many additional devices and frames that support you in the development and implementation of your creative ideas and turn your customers' inquiries into economic success for you.

Ticket code for your visit to ZSK STICKMASCHINEN at TecStyle Visions 2023

We would like to welcome you to our booth E31 in hall 5 together with our guest exhibitors WALZ SOLUTIONS and RICOH.

We offer you the opportunity here to request one of the limited ticket codes available for a trade fair ticket to visit us.


Please send us your contact details so that we can email you the ticket code.
This ticket code can be used on the Messe Stuttgart website for a trade fair ticket to enter TecStyle Visions 2023.



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Applications: COLOREEL and embroidery on Velcro tape



COLOREEL with the revolutionary technology for the right embroidery thread color on demand. The system always offers the right thread color exactly when you need it! COLOREEL embroiders all the colors required for the embroidery design with just one thread and one needle! More about this here ...


Automated embroidery on Velcro tape

The new innovation from ZSK STICKMASCHINEN enables fully automated embroidery on Velcro fasteners.

By processing from roll to roll, the Velcro is optimally prepared for further processing by industrial cutting systems.

Multi-head embroidery machines from the RACER series


Racer CLASSIC and Racer II 4W


With the embroidery machines of the new RACER series, we are setting the world standard for free-arm embroidery machines.


Developed and manufactured in Germany, this machine concept guarantees the shortest amortization times thanks to the highest embroidery speed. The multi-head embroidery machines impress with their extreme embroidery accuracy, flexible operating modes and proven durability.


More on this ...

Walz Solutions presents: BROTHER DTG and Embroidery Solution


GTXpro and Brother PR680W


WALZ SOLUTIONS is not only the sales representative for the entire range of ZSK STICKMASCHINEN, but also offers further high-quality solutions for the finishing of textiles with the products from BROTHER and RICOH.


The GTXpro (link to Walz Solutions.de) is equipped with many useful features and can be used in a variety of ways. The DTG printer has everything you need for growing production.

The user-friendly 6-needle embroidery machine BROTHER PR680W (link to Walz Solutions.de) has already enabled many people to take the step from being a creative hobbyist to a small entrepreneur in the embroidery industry.

RICOH presents DTG Printer