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Our mission is to provide you the perfect groundwork for any digital job within your embroidery business ...

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ZSK Terminal - Design Stock You have an embroidery machine but no designs? Check Design Stock



Our idea is to provide you with a nice starter kit of designs to let you jump right into production. Start with choosing from a big range of categories a design that suits your project. Then customize colours, add text, and send it directly to your machine.

ZSK Terminal - Design Stock Fix your embroidery designs – With Converter



You outsource your digitizing process and do not receive the best machine code?

With the Converter you can convert your .dst files into the zsk code and match colours to the design. Define your machine set up to pick already the correct colours on the machine.


The converter allows:

  1. loading your own .DST files,
  2. assigning colours to each section in the .dst file
  3. matching the design colours to the current machine colours – or vice versa
  4. changing the colours in an existing .z00 embroidery file
  5. providing a .dst file for adding text in "EasyText."

ZSK Terminal - Design Stock Add a personal touch – With Easy Text



Take an existing design or your own embroidery design, add lettering in different fonts, sizes and colours and send it directly to your ZSK machine.



  1. your size of the embroidery field
  2. from 10 different fonts
  3. height of the letters
  4. font colour from the needle colours
  5. the location of up to 9 independent text blocks
  6. to save your preferred settings as a monogram template

ZSK Terminal - Design Stock Sort out your file management – With Projects



Your project structure on your PC is a mess? Why not saving all files that belong to one job also in one spot together? With Projects you can store and share all files that belong to your project in one spot to make access easy for everyone involved.


You can also:

  1. Manage your projects
  2. Leave descriptions and comments in your project directory
  3. Create thumbnails for the main file (.z00 or .dst) for everyone to see
  4. Display PDF and images stored in projects in ZSK TERMINAL
  5. Open your .z00 and .dst from here in your digitizing software

ZSK Terminal - Design Stock Become an embroidery creator – With PhotoStitch



Make an embroidery file from your favourite picture in seconds! Pick an image, select your preferred size and save it as a .z00 transport code for your ZSK machine. Take customization to the next level!

No further explanation
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Did not find the right tool for you? Contact us now, we also offer programming of individual tools that suit your production flow.



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